11 things you need to do to build an impressive local presence

Local is all the rage these days as more and more businesses realize the importance of nearby audiences for more opportunities. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your website takes advantage of the best options for local leads.

1. Optimize your website content

To attract a local audience, you need to look reliable and professional. Start by making sure the content on your website is fully optimized. Include concise and relevant information, such as your locations, contact numbers, and email, as well as an interactive map showing where you can be found. Show customer stories, FAQs, and a blog for a more personal approach.

2. Go to mobile

According to Google and Nielsen, 75% of mobile searches for local stores and services lead to a store visit, purchase, further research, or a call. Local SMEs cannot miss this undeniable opportunity. Make sure to incorporate mobile response into your game.

3. Get found in listings and directories

Your local presence will not be complete if you cannot be found in local online directories. Own all your listings by providing up-to-date information. Sign up for Google Places for Business and Google+ Local pages. These will help you provide accurate information to customers, as well as communicate with them and gain greater exposure.

4. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a powerful tool for online businesses, creating and undoing businesses. Make sure you have active social media profiles on the various platforms where your customers can communicate with you. This is not limited to creating a Facebook page.

Analyze your target audience and find out which platform they would most likely use the most, like Pinterest or Instagram for fashion or food, and keep a strong presence there. Knowing how people use different platforms is invaluable, like Twitter for quick questions and thanks, or Facebook for sharing content and stories.

5. Use localized search engine marketing

Increase people’s awareness of your business with pay-per-click ads on search engines. Choose the keywords that are most relevant to your business within the area. This will allow your company to target the audience in the specific area and give you a competitive advantage over other companies.

6. Find your voice

Many companies attract a large following by having a different approach: a human touch or a voice behind the business. Find the personality to build your business, whether it’s incorporating a familiar entrepreneurial approach or quirky language. This will help local audiences to remember your business when they seek your services.

7. Get involved in the community

Local visibility can be greatly improved by participating in local events. One way to do this is to organize a campaign for a good cause that will benefit a particular local audience. Not only do you build good public relations, but you can also give back to the community that supports your business.

8. All about the brand

Branding is a must, whether you are a small business or a more established one. This includes not just a logo or tagline, but the overall image it projects within the community. Give your brand a local touch by including local trends, expressions or approaches.

9. Encourage local reviews

With so many people accessing the web, potential customers can find out what others are saying about you with just a few clicks. This is why it is important to have genuine customer reviews. The more good reviews your company receives, the more likely people will choose what you have to offer.

10. Join local business organizations

Getting involved in local business organizations is a good way to build connections within the larger business environment. This will help you build your network and be more visible in the community.

11. Closely monitor results for continuous improvement.

Lastly, striving to improve even more is important to any business, large or small. Monitor the results of your efforts and see where you can still improve. Listen to customer feedback and be sure to reduce negative conversations on the web.

When it comes to local presence, it’s a good idea to build a business that your audience can relate to, something that can have some influence on their daily lives. These steps will help you on your way.

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