A Simple Seated Isometric Exercise Workout for Seniors

First of all, let me tell you that I am 70 years old and have been doing this basic exercise program, along with a few other activities, for several years. Since you may not be familiar with isometric exercises, just a quick summary. These are exercises performed in which one muscle group, for example the […]

How many calories burned by doing SUP? (stand up paddle boarding)

One of the most common questions people ask me about Stand Up Paddling is “How many calories can I burn?” I spent some time online looking for the correct answer, but thought I’d do a little “unscientific” research myself. So I paddled yesterday using a heart rate monitor and my Polar computer to get a […]

Cartilage piercing is a popular form of ear piercing

The normal earlobe piercing has been popular for many decades in various civilizations, if not for centuries. The use of pierced earlobes to hold adornments such as earrings and pendants is the most common form of body jewelry after rings, although lately it has become fashionable to use other parts of the ear, or even […]

God and Gays – Make up your mind (Part 6)

All of these things [trials, temptations, tribulations] they are wonderful opportunities to confirm or deny our commitment to Christ. It is an opportunity to defy temptation and stand up for what is right, despite peer pressure (Matthew 10:32-33). We can make things easier or harder for ourselves. Either you are totally convinced that God’s way […]

Mobile Number Lookup – How to Lookup Any Mobile Number Online

Sometimes you are trying to find information about someone using your phone number, be it your home phone, office phone or mobile phone number. Thanks to the Internet, you can do a search for mobile numbers and get very accurate information almost instantly. People have many different reasons for doing these types of searches. You […]

NV Diet Pill – Carmen Electra’s Diet Secret Revealed

If you want to be the NV (envy) of everyone you meet, then maybe it’s time for the NV diet pill. This pill, endorsed by Carmen Electra, uses a formula designed to help people lose weight quickly, which can help shape a person’s figure, make hair and skin look better, and improve energy. The NV […]

Japan’s Lolita merchants feel the heat

Japan was slow to update its child pornography laws to bring them in line with those in the West. It was only in 1999 and 2003 that Japan caught up, passing new laws that made it illegal to produce, distribute, sell, possess, or trade child pornography. Before 1999, it was only illegal to produce it. […]