Gas standards get a big overhaul

The minimum fuel efficiency standard for an automaker’s fleet of cars is set by CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy). First created in the 1970s, this standard was 27.5 mpg. Falling below this standard results in fines that some high-end manufacturers like Lanborghini and BMW don’t mind, as their high prices can absorb them. For most […]

Desktop publishing and marketing for magazines and newspapers

You may think it costs money to get promotion, publicity, or exposure, but it doesn’t. It just takes a little research and the guts. Self-service means you have to get used to talking about yourself and always looking for new ways and angles to reach the media. I can use myself as an example: Self-publishing […]

10 NLP patterns for educators

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is as famous for its effective use in personal training and therapeutic applications as it is for its colorful origins. However, despite the great potential of NLP insights to improve or even transform education, formal forays into schools, colleges and universities remain elusive. One reason, perhaps, is that NLP training is a […]

Life and contribution of Mridanga Vidwans By Dr. Madurai K. Thiagarajan

Since time immemorial, the people of India worship God like Nadha Brahman and Divine Music. The great sage Maharishi Narada is an expert in Veena, a divine instrument. In Carnatic music concerts, the Mridangam instrument is an accompaniment. The great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata indicate that this instrument was used whenever an auspicious occasion arose, […]

Bowflex Max Alternatives: Elliptical Trainer Alternatives to the Bowflex Max Trainer

Looking for an alternative to the Bowflex Max machine? Bowflex Max Trainer is a hybrid stair climbing elliptical machine that combines lower body climbing movements with upper body elliptical arm bars for a full body workout. The Max is great for HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) workouts, and according to the manufacturer, you can burn […]

Online education: increasingly used in universities for people without access to a university

We often forget that before the widespread use of the Internet, people did not have the opportunity to receive a higher education, because they could not pay for a university education and work at the same time. But with a computer and Internet access, you can get an education from anywhere in the world. Therefore, […]

Why choose a Spanish villa for the holidays?

Spain is a popular holiday destination for many reasons. Anyone wants to spend some time in Spain. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the south of Andalusia province or you can go hiking in the peaks of Montserrat in the north. In the summers, you can reach the Spanish […]

Magnetic therapy: ability to heal or simply placebo effect?

It is probably fair to say that most people have noticed that there are numerous magnetic therapy products on the market. You often see jewelry that has magnets on it at drugstore checkouts. However, for many skeptical people, the question is: does it really work? There are a number of companies that make a living […]

Study, work and settle in Canada

Want study in canadabest global institutions and universities in Canada. Admission in Canada The best institutions, the best global universities in Canada, just for you! Why study in Canada – Leverage Data First Approach At Leverage, we use a data-driven approach to ensure 100% personalization for the student industry experts Learning from the experiences of […]