Main causes of car accidents

Experts say that the main causes of car accidents are driver distractions. Dangerous distractions that can lead to an accident include cell phones and other devices drivers use while driving. Mobile phones, laptops, electric razors, etc. causes drivers to take their eyes off the road for seconds, potentially causing a serious, if not fatal accident. […]

3 tips for virtual networks 1 to 1

Networking experts can find helpful ways to stay connected after the kickoff meeting or networking event. 1-on-1 meetings give people the chance to connect even more without the distractions common during a typical function. These meetings also allow participants to obtain more information and use communication to promote their agendas. A great way to build […]

Insurance companies suffer due to hard-hitting advertisements from law firms

No matter where you look these days, you’ll almost be bombarded with images of lawyers advertising their services to you. “Have you been in an accident? Then contact us NOW.” Phone books are alphabetized with bold headlines and letters, as well as gruesome pictures of car accident victims, along with an advertisement for free services […]

Oh Lord! My skin looks wrinkled and aged: 4 tips for younger-looking skin for years to come

In a culture where people, especially women, are obsessed with reversing the aging process, the anti-aging skin care industry is now a multi-billion dollar market. People continue to search for solutions, study and find the fountains of youth and invest in the multi-billion dollar market. Why are people so crazy about anti-aging treatments and products? […]

The 9 Best Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

There are many foods that you should never give your dog. Some foods aren’t even that good for people, but dogs always seem to want what we’re eating. And how can you resist that begging little face? You know, the one that practically says “pleeeeaaaaasssse.” But, before you give in to that K-9 buddy of […]