Search Engine Optimization For Beginners – SEO Tips For Beginners

First of all, search engine optimization is a great phrase, but don’t be intimidated by it. It is a very powerful method that will get a lot of traffic to your website if done correctly for little to no cost. I refer to SEO as the method of making your site relevant to a given […]

Christmas Traditions: How You Can Use Traditions To Boost Your Christmas Romance

Have you spent this entire Christmas season running from one place to another? Do you feel like all you want to do is just rest? Today is Christmas and I want to pass some thoughts for today. I got this little quote in an email recently. Said by a five-year-old named Sam, this is what […]

Cleaning our deceased daughter’s house – The last goodbye

Seventeen months ago our daughter died from injuries she received in a car accident. Since that tragic accident we have walked with sorrow every day. We have also become GRG: grandparents raising grandchildren. My husband and I are the legal guardians of 16 year old fraternal twins. Raising them is our new life mission, a […]

Mind-Blowing Aerobic Exercises To Lose Fat Fast – Use Them And Lose Weight Like Crazy

Not all of us have the same body type, therefore not the same type of exercise would work on all of us. But the fact is that aerobics is something that seems to work for everyone, no matter what body type they have. Aerobic exercise is known to be one of the best possible ways […]

How to find good legal services abroad

The advancement of technology has made it quick and easy to establish business abroad. Whether the business is run from a physical or virtual office, doing business internationally has become the norm. Doing business in a foreign country means familiarizing yourself with the laws of the host country. The legal complexities of international trade can […]

The history of the modern Olympic Games and its symbols

The first Olympic Games after Greek antiquity were held after a break of 1503 years! In many ways, the event was still very much an amateur contest. More than 300 athletes participated in the competition (but without the participation of women) from 13 countries: England, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, France, Greece, Germany, the United […]

Don’t sell your house, turn it into a rental!

Instead of selling your residence to buy another home, you can decide not to sell your residence and convert it into a rental property. In this case, the next home you buy and live in again will qualify you for the lower owner-occupied loan rate. This approach also makes it easier to fix the rental […]

10 ways to tidy up your home like KonMari

There’s a Japanese way of tidying up that boils down to finding a specific place “for leftover stuff” once you’ve completed all other household cleaning methods. This is a tried and tested method according to Japanese cleaning professional, Marie Kondo. It is named after her and is called the KonMari Method. The KonMari method of […]