Article Writing Guide – SEO Vs UCO

Google’s Panda update created a wind storm. It smells like marketers looking for answers. It’s no secret. Read any article writing guide and it will most likely emphasize SEO techniques and tactics. Until now, SEO has been the dominant driving force behind search engine results. That is changing. Let me introduce you to User Content […]

10 Simple Ways Technology Can Protect Your Family

Home security should be at the top of the priority list for anyone who cares about the safety of their family. It can be especially unsettling when you’re on vacation because your mind keeps worrying about what might be happening in your absence. Do the neighbors notice that you are not around? Are the doors […]

Snacking Self-Sabotage After Gastric Bypass Surgery: Why Do We Do It?

Comments from LivingAfterWLS readers indicate that snacking is the biggest problem for people after gastric bypass surgery: the problem is that we eat unhealthy foods, sabotage our weight loss or weight maintenance, and return to normal. spiral of self-loathing that is such an emotional part. of morbid obesity. None of us go into surgery expecting […]

Three strange but true criminal law stories from abroad

GERMANY: CAUGHT! It has been reported that a professional’s well-endowed mistress allegedly tried to kill him with her breasts. Supposedly, her jealous girlfriend tried to suffocate him with her size 38DD breasts because she said she wanted her death to be “as pleasant as possible,” authorities say. She was charged with attempted murder. This was […]

Are you looking for a treatment for thrush in babies? Treat Your Baby’s Thrush With Baking Soda – Here’s How To Do It!

Welcome to the fatherhood club. Once upon a time you were responsible only for yourself, but suddenly you grew up and someone else depends on you for everything. Wow! What a great responsibility that is… Except you didn’t trade in infections like yeast infection! Well, don’t bother, it’s part of the package. What’s done is […]

14 Amazing Facts That Explain Why Tortoiseshell Cats Are The Best Cats To Own

1. Tortoiseshell cats will always be female. Through genetics, tortoiseshell cats are most likely female. If you are looking for a male hawksbill, GOOD LUCK, they are very hard to find and highly sought after. “No wonder every tortoiseshell cat I come across is a female,” it’s not just by chance, it’s genetics. To give […]

Electronic world of online dating

The electronic age made all information accessible via the World Wide Web and with geographical distance linked electronically, one could add internet dating as one of the best things that the computer age has brought to society. Outside the walls of the social networking sites of Facebook and MySpace there are stories of couples who […]