3 Telemarketing Strategies to Instantly Capture Your Prospect’s Attention and Interest


Yes, YOU… Got your attention, didn’t I? I’m going to reveal a simple way to engage your prospects and structure your presentation in a way that will make them salivate for more! As a telemarketer, you have to make a lot of cold calls on the phone and sell your products to complete strangers. There are many telemarketers, do you know how to differentiate yourself from the rest?

When you first contact your prospect on the phone, you only have 10 seconds to make a favorable impression. So what can you say or do that will put him in a receptive state of mind so you can present your product? Use these strategies described to create a great interest and curiosity for your service or product:

1. Use the word YOU, YOUR or their NAME more often:

By using YOU, YOUR, or your prospect’s name, you are instantly drawing their attention to your conversation. Prospects are often distracted when you talk to them, but by frequently mentioning these three magic words, they’ll listen carefully to what you’re saying.

2. Structure your presentation for the WIIFM:

WIIFM stands for What Is In It For Me. This is something you should keep in mind at all times when you sell. Many telemarketers talk about product features, for example, this lawnmower has a motor that runs at 1000 rounds per minute!

You have to sell the benefits, or what’s in it for me, for example, this lawnmower can mow the lawn in half the time and shorter too! Use the WIIFM and your sales pitch will make a lot more sense to your prospect, they will be more interested in your product, because they are thinking about how it would apply to their life.

3. Use action words that sizzle:

The proper use of words can be powerful. Words can stir our emotions, change attitudes, and persuade us to some degree. Here’s a secret, DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE is the key to turning up the temperature of your pitch so it sizzles. Here is an example:

Let’s say you’re selling a fancy new toothpaste to remove coffee and tobacco stains from your teeth.

Regular Toothpaste: This toothpaste contains calcium phosphate to help remove coffee and tobacco stains from teeth.

Disclosure Note: This REVOLUTIONARY NEW toothpaste contains a SECRET ingredient that WILL TRANSFORM your stained teeth to PEARLY WHITE sparkles!

A sure way to improve the quality of your telemarketing pitch is to write it first. Instead of reciting the features of your product, write it in a way that addresses the specific needs of your prospect.

When you have created the first draft, go through it and try to get as many YOU as YOUR on the pitch. Ask yourself, has the tone clearly indicated WIIFM and have you spiced it up with the use of descriptive language?

If you have followed these 3 things, you will find that your prospect responds much better to what you say, you will create more excitement and enthusiasm for what you are selling and your prospect will ask more questions about your product/service, a sure sign that they are curious about your business. offer.

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