7 Vegas-style entertainment options for your corporate event

Las Vegas has some pretty amazing entertainment options NOT found in the City of Lights and Sin. A great opportunity I got from this adventure was meeting a lady named Angie Rozar who shared some of the most exciting and exciting facts about Las Vegas entertainment options. You could call her an expert on the less sinful aspects of the city, as she makes dollars and donuts outside of the entertainment industry on safety. But she still knows what she’s doing!

Option # 1 – Musicians strolling

Nothing says atmosphere like a trio of violinists moving from table to table during a formal dinner at your corporate event. Romance at the office, anyone? I bet they could inspire a kiss or two, but that’s not the purpose of the evening, so let’s stay professional. Enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate the music. (Tips are accepted).

Option # 2 – Elvis is in the room

Of course, we go straight to the Elvis Impersonator, because … Well, Elvis? Who else can disappear from the planet and still be the most popular man in the room, more than forty years later? Or, if need be, I’m sure they can scare off Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, or some other flashy copycat to entertain their corporate team.

Option # 3 – Dance Band

Big Band Era is not dead and missing in Las Vegas. They are alive and well there, and also at their corporate event. We love Big Band music because there’s brass, there’s singing, maybe a little swoon, and some gallant movements from the gentlemen in the room, as they spin their lady around the room.

Option # 4 – Cover Band Classic

This is one of the more adventurous options – find a great cover band featuring powerful selections of hits from any particular era, and invite them to party for the night.

Option # 5 – Dance Band

You can’t miss the amazing dance bands located in Las Vegas. They can’t be defeated, unless we’re talking about Radio City, but come on, show the girls dancing on stage in the City of Lights style. And when you have a spectacular band that can sing too, your corporate team will be so excited that they will be READY for the next team training opportunity.

Option # 6 – Novel Bands

You know how you can tell that this guy has been singing for a while and he’s really good? Novelty bands remind you of those guys, the ones who go up on stage, sit on a bar stool, play their guitar, wow the audience, and you can just dim the lights and soak up the sound. Amazing sounds come from their guitars or pianos, and you feel like you fell in love all over again, when the night is over. They are incredible.

Option # 7 – Keynote Speakers

Not everything has to be about music … Motivational keynote speakers who speed up their players and drive their team members home with the added boost to achieve the goals set at the event is an important choice for entertainment.

Whatever the flavor of your entertainment, if you want high-end, high-end feature players, think Las Vegas Style Entertainment when selecting Feature Presentation for your Corporate Team Training Event.

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