A Third Party DoTerra Review: Is This Essential Oils MLM The Next Big Thing?

Chances are, if you are reading this review, you are most likely looking for information on DoTerra. Maybe you are thinking of joining the company as one of their advocates or maybe you are already an advocate and looking online for ways to build DoTerra online. Whatever the case, look no further. In this third-party DoTerra review, I’ll cover the essential information you need before signing up. While I will cover the company and products for you, this review will focus more on the actual business opportunity. Now before I continue, I want to disclose that I am not a DoTerra advocate or affiliated with them in any way, so you can be sure that you will receive an unbiased review from DoTerra.

Who is DoTerra?

So first things first, let’s go to the company itself. DoTerra is a company that sells health and wellness products through a network marketing business model. Its main product line revolves around therapeutic grade essential oils. In addition to essential oils, the company also has weight loss products, supplements, personal care products, and skin care products in its product line. DoTerra was founded in 2008 and is based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The founding team and corporate staff have very impressive backgrounds and the company definitely seems poised for future growth. From a business perspective, since the company is in the Health and Wellness Industry, it positions itself in front of Baby Boomers, which almost guarantees growth. In the US market alone, $ 1 out of every $ 6 spent by consumers is spent on healthcare, so being in the healthcare space is huge. I also want to point out that DoTerra is a debt free company with no external financing, which makes it very solid and stable. The absence of external funding also means that all decisions made for the company are made from within the company and are made with distributors in mind. Another important thing I noticed when analyzing DoTerra is that, across the company, they have a 65% customer retention rate, while the industry average is 13%. This is critical to keep in mind if you are considering generating residual income because without customer retention, you will never generate the long-term waste that everyone talks about in network marketing.

How do you make money with DoTerra?

DoTerra’s compensation plan offers its advocates, or distributors, some ways to get paid. The first way is through Retail Sales, which can generate up to 25% commissions on the product that someone personally sells. The second way is through fast start bonuses, which the company pays out on a weekly basis. The way it works is like this: for everyone you personally sponsor, you earn 20% on their PV for the first 60 days, for everyone on your second level, you earn 10% on their PV for the first 60 days, and for everyone At your 3rd level, you earn 5% on your PV for the first 60 days. The third way to get paid is the Power of 3 bonus. Basically, the company will pay you an additional $ 1,800 per month for having a structure that consists of you getting 3 active distributors, they get 3 active distributors and then you get 3 active distributors. for a total of 39 active distributors. The key to unlocking this Bonus is that you must have your organization positioned in the correct structure. The fourth way to earn income is through Unilevel Commissions (this is where Residual Income is obtained). You will earn up to 7% on volume within your first 7 levels in your organization. Therefore, as distributors and customers order and reorder products each month, you will earn an ongoing commission on that volume. The good news is that DoTerra pays higher percentages at the levels farthest from you, which are usually the levels with the highest volume. Last but not least, the company also pays leadership bonus funds to top producers. In general, the compensation plan is very lucrative and the retention factor that the company has makes it a solid vehicle to generate passive income. With that said, I recommend that you review the official Compensation Plan document for yourself so you know exactly how it works.

Should you join DoTerra?

Only you could answer that. If health and wellness products resonate with you, then DoTerra might be what you’re looking for. The company is strong, the products are of high quality, and the compensation plan is very generous. On top of that, the customer retention rate is very high, giving you a good chance of generating residual income. Because of these things, it should be a guarantee that you will be successful if you join the company, right? Well not exactly. While it’s certainly good to have those things in place, they really have very little to do with your personal success. Ultimately, your success depends on your ability to consistently personally sponsor new people. You could surely make a few hundred dollars a month selling products at the retail level. But if you want to get to the top of the company and earn big income, you need to personally and constantly sponsor new people on your team. To do this, it helps to have a way to generate leads on a daily basis. It also helps to brand and position yourself in front of people who are already looking for what you offer. This is why I recommend attraction marketing. If you could combine online attraction marketing with solid offline building strategies, it is unknown how prosperous your DoTerra business could be.

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