Benefits of custom cabinets

Optimize your storage space

They can improve a house that lacks current storage space. If a given area has the potential for storage, custom cabinets can use square footage. Ordinary cabinets are less likely to fit into unique spaces or suit the quirks of an older home. Adding storage to your home will reduce unsightly clutter, helping you create a calm and organized environment.

Customize your project

When browsing a stock cabinet catalog, your options are limited by manufacturer offerings and material availability. Custom cabinetmakers do not have the same limitations. There are many different materials to choose from: box lumber, face frame lumber, hinges, hardware, and finish. You have control over the selections for your home and are not limited to calling a giant manufacturer’s helpline. They will most likely work with you step-by-step, so design changes aren’t lost due to miscommunication.

Choose a long lasting product

Custom cabinets are not built on an assembly line. Specialty cabinets are made with care and precision. Stock cabinets are made up of particle board, with screws and glue to help hold the pieces together. Custom cabinets are not based on cheap construction methods, but are made with integrated joints that fit together seamlessly, resulting in a seamless finished product.

Add value to your home

Every time you create storage space from waste space, you add value to your home. Since your home is your primary investment, financing specialty cabinets is a worthwhile use of your construction or renovation funds. In addition to simply adding storage space, another benefit of custom cabinets is the ability for the manufacturer to add intricate carvings and designs to each cabinet face. Distinctive, one-of-a-kind cabinetry lends a high-end feel to a space that might have lacked character beforehand. High-end custom cabinetry can be a major selling point in real estate.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By working with a local cabinetmaker, you eliminate the need for long-distance shipping and handling costs. Much less power and fuel and supplies will be needed to deliver the cabinets. Also, you can ask your cabinetmaker about cabinetmaking materials that are environmentally friendly. You can opt for stains and paints that are not harmful to the earth. You can also select wood certified by the Forest Service Council. The Forest Service Council ensures that for every tree cut down for construction, another is planted in its place. You can greatly reduce the negative impact your construction project could have on the environment by avoiding large stock cabinet suppliers, who may focus on speed and profit.

Custom cabinets are just that: personalized. You’ll fully realize the benefits of these for your space when you contact a custom builder for plan ideas and pricing options based on your specific needs.

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