Brazilian Bikini Wax: Modern Trend or Medieval Torture?

Brazilian bikini waxes have become popular in recent years, and have even been discussed extensively on the “Sex and the City” show in the US They take bikini waxing one step further with a certain “take away. all hair “-strong style. Most people react to the idea of ​​Brazilian bikini waxes with horror and curiosity. Many men seem intrigued. Of course, they are not the ones making them.

The Brazilian bikini waxing process is quite similar to that of a regular bikini waxing, although Brazilian bikini waxes (sometimes simply called “Brazilian”) are almost always performed by a professional. Basically, a woman shows up in their living room and they take her to the room where she waxes. There, she takes off her pants or skirt and climbs on the table provided in her top and underwear (and most salons suggest that she wear thongs for this type of bikini wax). The beautician enters the room and prepares the bikini line with powder. Then, put some hot wax on your bikini line, rub a strip of fabric over the wax, wait a minute, and pull the strip. In many cases, the woman (or victim) is asked to hold the skin around the thighs taut to help minimize pain.

While a normal bikini wax would essentially end there, in a Brazilian bikini wax the process is repeated over and over again until all the pubic hair is gone (in some cases, a small patch remains on top). In many cases, the underwear is moved all over the place so that the beautician takes all of the hair. Sometimes a woman has to turn like a pretzel to let the esthetician wax all of her hair properly. The sides are perfectly smooth, although I warn you, doing the sides hurts like nothing else (try taking an Advil before your date). The esthetician uses tweezers to reach the tiny or wiry hairs that have escaped the wax. The woman is then left to put on the rest of her clothes and stagger away as best she can.

Brazilian bikini wax costs a little more than a regular bikini wax and takes longer. Wearing underwear will feel strange after this type of waxing, although some women like the feeling. As the hair grows back to the required 1/4 inch length for the next session, some women may notice some irritation to the hairs on the sides.

I have mixed feelings about this wax. I find it strange that women feel the need to remove so much hair and suffer so much pain. On the other hand, some women feel sexier with this type of bikini wax. I guess it depends on how much pain you are willing to endure and how curious you are to try this type of wax.

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