British Virgin Islands Boat Tour – British Virgin Islands Beaches by Boat

If your idea of ​​the perfect beach bar is a palm-fringed beach with thatched tower watering holes, you’ll never find a better collection of them than in the British Virgin Islands. Why? The sun, the sand, the incredible water… and access to them by boat.

The US Virgin Islands have amazing beaches – think Magen’s Bay on St. Thomas, or Trunk Bay, Watermelon Cay, Caneel Bay on St John – but they lack the boating access and bar location to be right on the beach, that BVI beach bars have .

The Soggy Dollar, on Jost Van Dyke, for example, gets its name from the fact that there is no dock at White Bay, so you have to pull your boat up onto the sand and swim to shore. Once you get there, you are greeted by an incredible beach with sand that looks like it came out of a pastry chef’s sieve. The water is warm and crystal clear, and the bar itself is the proud creator of a drink called “PainKiller” for a… or two. If you get somewhere around lunchtime, you can get a great grouper sandwich to go with that PainKiller. Hang out and play the ring toss game, supposedly a game pirates used to play between raids.

On a boat tour of the British Virgin Islands, you can move on to the next port and hang out at Foxy’s. Foxy’s is a much bigger place than Soggy Dollar. However, it still has the vibe of a beach bar, and if Foxy is there (yes, he’s a real person), he’s a lot of fun to talk to. Foxy’s also hosts a not-to-be-missed New Year’s Eve party every year that fills the bay with yachts, superyachts, boats, or anything you can get into. By the way, Foxy’s also has some great food – their Roti Chicken with Mango Chutney is fantastic!

Once again, on a Pirates Paradise Adventures BVI boat tour, you can go over to the other side of Jost Van Dyke and head to Foxy’s Taboo. Again, great drink and food on the patio overlooking the beautiful water.

Time to head back to the British Virgin Islands boat tour and head to Norman Island, the infamous Willy T. While the Willy T isn’t exactly a beach bar, it’s a floating pirate ship, it’s located on a beautiful bay and serves great drinks. and food. Willy T’s fan favorite ritual is for girls (and some guys) to win free t-shirts by jumping off the top platform naked or nude. While not always wild, it can quickly get spicy.

If you’re traveling with young children, you may want to head to Pirates’ Bight, across the bay. This place is on the beach and they even have a pirate themed museum/gift shop next door.

If you’re visiting the Virgin Islands, you owe it to yourself to take a British Virgin Islands boat tour to some, if not all, of these iconic beach bars. It’s a fun trip from any island, including St. Thomas, so be sure to add a British Virgin Islands boat tour to your must-do list.

The boat you take really makes a difference! Make sure you get one that’s comfortable and has plenty of amenities, like a swim step for easy access to the water, upholstered seats, and maybe even a sunscreen to maximize the fun on your next BVI boat tour.

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