Can I search for specific ads in the TikTok ADS Library?

TikTok ADS Library

TikTok recently launched an ad library tool which provides marketers with a wide range of ad examples. The library allows users to search by ad type, region and industry, in order to gain inspiration for their own ad campaigns. The library contains content that promotes a brand, product or service and which the creator has disclosed through the content disclosure setting. One of the best AI video editors on the market, Wave Video offers a wide range of tools to help you create professional-looking videos. The tool automatically analyses your content and segments it into short clips, eliminating the need for tedious editing. Additionally, it can identify the key points and predict the likelihood of your video going viral. The company also offers a free trial of its service, so you can test out the tool before investing any money.

The software has a number of unique features, including motion tracking to identify and blur faces (perfect for vloggers) and audio-based speech recognition to remove unnecessary silences and fillers like “uhm”. It also has a tool that cuts video footage based on the pace of your script, which can save time by removing slow scenes or jump cuts. Its realistic AI avatars make it a great option for brands that want to use a video host or stand-in for on-air talent. Synthesia is also useful for creating training videos and product onboarding. However, the platform can be expensive if you need to create multiple videos per week.

Vidyo’s Tiktok ADS Library, CutMagic, can transform long-form videos into AI-enhanced clips in just a few clicks. The program analyzes the length and tone of your video and identifies the key points. It then compiles these into a shorter clip, making it easy to share on social media. The app’s Intelliclips feature can even analyze your video to predict its virality, so you can optimize it for a particular platform.

Can I search for specific ads in the TikTok ADS Library?

After criticism about lax policies and misinformation on TikTok — including the discovery of political ads being passed off as organic content — the app has started to step up its efforts on that front. It’s introducing a new searchable database that will let people look up commercial content running on the platform, including who paid for it, the main parameters used to target it and data on video views. It’s a requirement under pan-EU rules that came into effect in mid-2021, and it’ll help to provide greater transparency about the way in-stream ads are placed on the platform.

The new database, currently called the Commercial Content Library (CCL), is available in all EU countries and is searchable by ad creative, date of posting, brand name if tagged, registered location for the business, and more. The CCL also includes any videos that promote a product or service that have been disclosed as commercial through the creator’s content disclosure setting.

AI Video Editor says it’s also working on being able to give vetted academic researchers access to its own research API, which will allow them to study the way in which ads appear on the app and how they are viewed by users. It will only be opened to researchers who have a demonstrated track record of academic work in the area; no conflicts of interest; and a clear plan to use the data for non-commercial purposes. The TikTok Ad Library, or CCL (as it’s affectionately known) is a valuable tool for businesses looking to create ads on the platform. It allows users to search top ads, filter them by region and industry and even see their performance metrics in terms of 6-second video views, engagement rates and CTRs.

While it doesn’t seem to be super complete just yet (it also seems to have some empty categories), the capacity for marketers to tap into this data is a fantastic way to see what their competitors are doing right and, hopefully, replicate some of that success. The nifty search filters for songs, hashtags and keywords also makes this an extremely useful tool.

One thing to note about the Ad Library is that it only features content that is deemed appropriate for commercial use, as identified through the creator’s content disclosure setting. This means that trending songs in the Trending Songs section of the library won’t be available for ad use unless you’re willing to pay for commercial rights. However, TikTok does offer similar ready-to-use music that’s available for commercial use in the Creative Center.

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