How to steal her frame and fire her attraction for you

Most of us make a crucial mistake when trying to get a girl to like us. It usually happens quickly, automatically, and unconsciously. We see a girl and suddenly we are attracted to her. Then we quickly imagine the best case and the worst case at the same time. If we’re lucky, the best-case scenario […]

10 ideas for the theme of the dance

Planning your school’s prom? Here are some issues to consider. Remember, you need to choose a graduation theme that creates a beautiful atmosphere and looks great in photos. Use interesting backgrounds and accessories and pay attention to lighting and details. Enchanted Forest Set a romantic evening atmosphere with beautiful tree backgrounds and dazzling Northern Lights. […]

Mixed Martial Arts Vs Boxing – Is Boxing The Fighting Successor To MMA UFC?

“Boxing is dead.” “Boxing is not what it used to be.” “There are no good fighters today.” These are just a few of the comments thrown by fans of the sport of kings who are patiently waiting for a breath of life into the troubled lungs of boxing. Despite a virtual plethora of organizations boasting […]

Apples and Exercise Promote Body Fat Loss After Weight Loss Surgery

We’ve all heard of marathon runners who ate heavy pasta the night before a 26-mile run in what is commonly called “carb loading.” It is an effort to supply the body with energy efficient carbohydrates that will be a ready fuel source for race time the following morning. But for the average person who engages […]

Europe Behind The Scenes: Book Review: Rick Steves

I recommend this book for many reasons. First of all, it’s because my website is about my experiences and behind-the-scenes thoughts on Europe. Rick Steves’s “Europe Through the Backdoor” 2011 also offers an in-depth look at Europe behind the scenes. I enjoyed reading this book because Rick started with how to get started before you […]

Awesome Rules for Choosing an Engagement Ring for an Eternal Keepsake

Congratulations! You have just entered a new and more beautiful journey of your life. Commitment is the best feeling in the world, in which you are drawn to nervousness, shyness and the excitement of being a part of someone else’s life. For you to have a memorable start, your selection of a diamond engagement ring […]

What are the "Little ivy," tea "Little three" and the "Hidden ivy?"

Most people are familiar with Ivy League colleges and have a pretty good idea that it is extremely prestigious to attend one of them. There are many, many other colleges that are academically very rigorous and difficult to get into. The term The Little Three, The Little Ivy and The Hidden Ivy is sometimes confusing. […]