Professional wrestling in Japan: a brief history of Puroresu

Professional wrestling in Japan, or “puroresu”, is a popular wrestling sport. It had its boom years in the 1960s and 1970s, but is still very much enjoyed today. Rikidozan and the early days Puroresu started in Japan after World War II. It didn’t really take off until Rikidozan arrived. Rikidozan was a sumo wrestler born […]

Greet your customers at the door for a great first impression

Every customer who enters your restaurant must be greeted or acknowledged by your staff in a timely manner. This is the customer’s first impression. Too many times, restaurant customers are not promptly greeted or recognized when they enter the restaurant. This first impression is vital for repeat business. Not only can a positive first impression […]

Viper Boa (Candoia aspera aspera) care

Viper Boas are a wonderful species of snake to look at. They are very robust, with hard keel-shaped scales and an arrowhead. They are usually quite a dull brown, although they can be a wonderful bright red or orange. However, they change color with the seasons, temperature, and perhaps mood swings. I have had wonderful […]

6 Chicago Bulls NBA championships

The Chicago Bulls have won 6 NBA championships throughout their history. All of those victories came in the 1990s under the leadership of coach Phil Jackson and superstar players Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Here are brief stories from the Bulls’ 6 NBA championship titles: 1. Season 1990-91. The Chicago Bulls won their first NBA […]

Do men lose interest after making out with a girl? Know what mental process a man goes through

Men go after a girl with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkissing her, since they place a lot of importance on the physical side of any relationship or encounter. Here are some ideas on whether men lose interest after making out with a girl, which in turn could depend a lot on individual make-out sessions. Most men […]

70s Masquerade Costumes: 5 Alternatives to ABBA’s Extremely Popular Fancy Dress

Since the release of the film, Mama Mia, and in addition to the continued success of the West End Musical of the same name, ABBA costumes have been extremely popular at ’70s costume parties across the country. Mama Mia was an excellent movie and deserved all the applause it received, so it is totally understandable […]

Oklahoma City deserves to lose – Long live the Sonics

It’s fun to watch Oklahoma City fans get upset when Kevin Durant comes to town. On Wednesday night, the Golden State Warriors arrived at MidFirst Bank Arena and, as happened last year, the Thunder Faithful treated KD and his scorching Twitter account with a healthy round of boos, taunts, and placards proclaiming things like ” […]

What ‘That’ 70s Show ‘Taught Me About Christianity

What the hell could he have learned about Christianity from “That 70’s Show”? I’m sure that’s what everyone is thinking right now. Well, today I was watching it and the episode was about the family going to church and generally their opinion on religion. The children did not want to go and the mother wanted […]