Washington DC royal limousine

Our DC limousine service will get you to your destination on time. All time! Regal Limousine has more than three decades of experience in airport transportation in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We cater to all of your transportation and limousine service needs, whether you’re traveling alone, on vacation with the family, or on a […]

Audi’s “truth in engineering” extends to its user-friendly gadgets

Audi, the luxury brand of Europe’s biggest automaker Volkswagen and maker of VW’s tie rods, has reiterated in its new commercials that it wants to be known as the automaker that offers top-of-the-line automotive technology. And as part of the development of the brand identity, Audi would like to extend that concept down to the […]

Build your own dune buggy – isn’t that hard (or is it)?

You’ve seen some cool dune buggies on the beach lately, and you’ve decided owning and driving a dune buggy looks cool. So you want to build a dune buggy because you’re good with your hands and you want to save some money. However, before you do anything, you need to know where you want to […]

How your choice of cars reflects your personality

Cars have become an integral part of our society. Thought to be used as a tool to get from point A to point B, automobiles have extended their use in today’s society. This article discusses a few points about car selection and personality. Cars have long ceased to be tools that take us from one […]

2006 Buick Lucerne – The Return of the V8

The venerable Buick Park Avenue is no more, having been replaced by the new Buick Lucerne, a cheaper version of the Cadillac DTS. Powered by a 275-hp Northstar V8 engine, the Lucerne becomes the first Buick car in nearly ten years to come equipped with a V8. Buick’s entire lineup is under review, so let’s […]

How to enjoy the thrill of car racing without the dangers

One of the most exciting things to experience is car racing. The scream of the crowd, the screech of tires and the smell of burning rubber on the road is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any grown man. For many of us standing on the sidelines and watching this spectacle, the excitement […]

Hybrid Electric Vehicles for 2007 – Comparison of 4 Different Models

While at one point I was pretty limited in options when it came to finding a hybrid electric vehicle, today there are many cool vehicles for you to choose from. While all are a step ahead of gasoline engines, some can get better gas mileage, some have better EPA ratings, and some are available at […]

Ford F-Series – February 2007 Best Seller

Following reports published by different automakers for the month of February this year, Reuters compiled a report showing which models American motorists bought the most last month. The main source of information for the financial markets reported the twenty best-selling vehicles during the month of February. At the top of the leader board is the […]