Diesel versions of the engines for X6 also available

Dubbed as a sports activity coupe by BMW, the BMW X6 is a combination of a luxury SUV, which has a completely unique automatic transmission capability. This midsize luxury coupe was delivered to the market in the second quarter of 2008. With its large wheels and tires, it can ride through any weather and has […]

The deadly secret that lurks in the first Toyota motorhomes

To most people, a Toyota motorhome built in the 1980s looks like a cute and charming RV. And for the most part this is exactly what they are. But there was a fatal flaw built into these motorhomes from the early 1980s that caused hundreds of people distress and disaster. As the size of the […]

The Porsche Cayenne Wide Track with Widebody and COR wheels

In the luxury SUV market; There are quite a few models that offer a great deal of luxury with smooth leather, a comfortable ride, and advanced technology. But there aren’t many luxury SUVs that place an emphasis on sport and the overall driving experience. Porsche is one of the few automakers to make a luxury […]

Jeep Comanche – The Ultimate Jeep Truck!

The Jeep Comanche was manufactured between 1986 and 1992. It was introduced by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1986, but then AMC and its Jeep Division were bought by Chrysler Corporation, which officially began distributing the midsize truck in 1987. The fact that Dodge trucks are also Chrysler products made it difficult for the Jeep […]

Be smart about your tires: What does the writing on the sidewall mean?

Your tires are generally ignored. We never pay attention to them unless something goes wrong. This usually happens when they are flat or when they are the cause of our failed state inspection. Tires are extremely important and their role should never be taken for granted. Your tires are literally “where the rubber meets the […]

Kia Optima Hybrid withstands a true northern winter

Many people love the idea of ​​a hybrid, but are concerned about the hybrid’s performance in the dead of winter. To answer this question, I took a Kia Hybrid to an extended 2-day demo. Lots of people write about how the Kia Hybrid performs in winter in places like Vancouver or Chicago, but Winnipeggers will […]