Reasons to choose luxury chauffeur services

Large successful companies set trends in the expression of corporate luxury. Tastefully appointed visitor lobbies, impressive boardrooms, well-designed, technology-ready offices, the list is endless. An indispensable item that is the hallmark of corporate or personal luxury is the inimitable luxury chauffeur and his automobile. This article will explore this facet. The company does not have […]

Heavy vehicle security with GPS tracking solutions

When you think of a dangerous job, what comes to mind? Defense forces, firefighters and police may be at the top of your list, but what about drivers of heavy vehicles? In Australia, around 80 workers are killed each year while working on or around a heavy vehicle on the road (Safe Work Australia Chair). […]

Driving Tips: Car Maintenance Checklist

Are you a responsible driver? Being a responsible driver doesn’t just mean keeping your eyes wide open and watching the road, or avoiding traffic in the most defensive way possible. It could also mean that you are concerned about your overall driving experience, starting with the physical condition of your vehicle. Making sure your car […]

Safety Tips From A Car Accident Lawyer About Driving A Motor Vehicle In A Typhoon

Driving a car during a sand or rain storm could be very dangerous, no car accident attorney can argue. The chance of being in a car accident while driving in a storm is much greater than being struck by lightning. With the added difficulties and dangers that exist during a storm, a responsible motorist should […]

The new Mercedes Bens E320 CDI now the most successful line of luxury cars in the world

Equipped with the latest innovative diesel technology, the E320 CDI has 201 hp and 369 lb-ft. of torque, enough to propel the car to 100 km/h on the test track in just 7.0 seconds. Good performance, low exhaust emissions, great fuel economy and low noise levels, this latest generation of electronically injected CDI engines is […]

Does it matter if you lie about your grades to get a good student discount on your car insurance?

Insurance costs for teens have always been high. Teenagers, in addition to being inexperienced drivers, tend to take more risks while driving, resulting in a high incidence of tickets and accidents. Fortunately, those teens who do well in school can often get a “good student discount” with many auto insurance companies. However, some students who […]

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Nitro RC Models

Remote Controlled (RC) Vehicles are cool miniature versions of cars, monster trucks, boats, and helicopters. From electric models to gas models, you can find all kinds of RC toys that best suit your level of experience and skills. While electric RC cars or boats are ideal for those just starting out in the hobby, we […]