Cheap Car Finance – How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate

How to Get the Lowest Interest Rate One of the most common mistakes when searching for the cheapest car finance is not shopping around. It is vital to compare offers and to avoid making a commitment you are unable to meet. Buying a vehicle without a loan is impossible. However, if you shop around, you […]

Toyota Venza SUV performance review

Whenever the name of SUV reaches the ears of children, everyone wants to get that car. Basically, SUV means sports vehicle. These are cars with added utilities that are capable of bringing the vehicle up to sporting standards. At Toyota Venza, the sports utilities that are given are the huge fuel tank, amalgamated tires, and […]

The History of Automotive Repairs: Why We Need Trained Technicians in the Collision Repair Industry

Vehicle History Summary They don’t make them like they used to. The first cars The first cars were nothing more than a buggy and an engine (usually repaired by blacksmiths and carpenters. These cars were very expensive, that only the rich could afford). The Model T was the first mass production car on an assembly […]

The Value Horse Method – Does It Work?

As with all professional gamblers, I use a combination of strategies across different sports in the continual pursuit of long-term betting success. A well-known betting method is Neil Smith’s Value Horse method, but does it work? Read on to find my personal take on this method. For starters, the foundations of the method lie in […]

Tire pressure is essential for car safety and fuel economy

Perhaps you’ve heard the great debate about tire pressure and how that alone could help Americans save hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel? In fact, it became part of the presidential campaign in 2008 when Senator Obama told Americans that if they wanted to save fuel, the first thing to do is keep their […]

Bank Seized Cars for Pennies on the Dollar: Discover Secrets Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Ever wonder how dealerships get their cars so cheap before they brand them and sell them to you at a profit? Sometimes they do this by buying cars seized by the government and the bank at auctions. Auctions for cars seized by the government and banks are held throughout the United States. How much you […]