Theory of intentional change and beyond

“Welcome everyone,” intons the Lama, who sits cross-legged as he watches his students and guides their meditation from the front of the room. “You may want to remember your intention to be here. You are here to cultivate enlightenment, calm, and insight.” Intention It is defined as the determination to act in a certain way […]

Mess Free in 5 Easy Steps! The best ways to make your home clutter-free

Are you ashamed to invite people? Are you tired of living in a messy place? Well, don’t stress anymore. Help is here. See your home through the eyes of your visitors and take action. Order and finally move on with these 5 quick and easy steps that make up the acronym: AHEAD, because as a […]

8 steps to ensure privacy online

I expect serious privacy and civil liberties issues under the Trump presidency. I highly recommend that you take steps to protect yourself, steps that I will outline shortly. We now live in conditions that would make the great authoritarians of yesteryear salivate with envy. The government’s ability to monitor us has never been greater. And, […]

7 strategies to create successful virtual meetings

How to create a successful virtual meeting. Creating a successful virtual meeting is an art, and many different elements must be used to optimize the experience and build engagement for employees. Having successfully delivered virtual presentations since 2006, I have identified 7 strategies for creating successful virtual meetings. 7 strategies to create successful virtual meetings […]

Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been proven time and again to be an effective method of communicating with your customers, including sending you updates on your new launches and promotions, and even asking them for opinions that can help you improve your business. According to a benchmark report from MarketingSherpa, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional […]

How can you create great content without being too wordy?

Many people sit down to write and all of a sudden seem to think they need to add additional words. You may have found yourself doing that at some point as well – using words that you know aren’t natural to you and just adding something to your writing. The truth is that the best […]

How To Develop The Winning Creative Strategy For Your Online Business – Outlined In 3 Easy Steps

With online businesses sprouting like mushrooms after rain, you need to develop a specific creative strategy for your business if you want to stand out in this competitive industry. Even if your online business is based in a niche with little competition, an effective creative strategy will give you a clear direction in which your […]