network interference

As you navigate your networking journey, you should realize the importance of having a networking plan. Being strategic, setting goals and meeting them are key components to being successful. But many times, even seasoned networkers can stray from their goals. Credit these cases to life changes, career modifications, or exposure to new or unexpected opportunities. […]

Newsletter Names – Creative Newsletter Title Ideas

The name of your newsletter has a great effect on your readers, so it is essential that you choose a good name from the start. A good newsletter name will entice people to sign up for your newsletter and read it, while a poor name will simply drive them away. Here are some ideas to […]

Simple steps to start your first blog

Considering starting your own blog, but don’t know how to get started? This article is a great way to get started with the information you need. But don’t worry, because finding blogs is probably pretty easy. The following article offers some helpful ideas to set you on the path to blogging success. Things like AdSense […]

Advanced tools and tips to speed up your website

We have compiled a list of 25 resources and tools to make your website super fast. Why so many? So we can be sure you’ll find at least one you’ve never heard of before. Page Speed ​​Insights google analytics PingDom website test slow Alternate Host Review Clean up old clutter – get rid of anything […]

Navarre Beach, FL – An island in paradise

If you enjoy wading through emerald green waters and strolling along white sand beaches, Navarre Beach is the place for you. Navarre is located on Santa Rosa Island, just off the Florida peninsula, a little east of Pensacola. Thirty years ago, Navarra was known as the location where most of the movie Jaws 2 was […]

Two impressive music reviews

Good vibes, second edition: a history of record production mark cunningham Mark Cunningham created Good Vibrations, which is a fun and fascinating journey through the history of record production. If you focus on a particular studio and the musicians who produced albums there. He gives insight into how the production of many of the major […]

Contingent Project Management: A Definition

In an IT systems context, contingent project management (“CPM”) is the ability to select an appropriate methodology to successfully apply and deliver a project, adjusting the method as the project progresses. The ‘contingent leadership style’ is analogous. Wikipedia (Fiedler) provides an explanation of contingent leadership. Yes, a project manager may have a contingent leadership style, […]

Why is a good web design so important for companies?

Over the past decade, Hong Kongers’ use of the Internet for work and life services has become more and more common, according to statistical reports from the Department of Statistics and Census. Currently, out of 100 people in Hong Kong, 34.7 are actively using the Internet. Setting up a company website to build a successful […]