Insurance agency websites, microsites, minisites and landing pages

Everyone knows what an insurance agency website is, but more detailed insurance agency web marketing terms such as microsites, minisites, landing pages, and compression pages can be a mystery to many agents. and runners. What is the difference between these and why are they an important aspect of your insurance agency marketing? Let’s start with […]

Top 12 Clauses You Must Have For Your Recommendation Agreement Template

Every small business should have a recommendation agreement template. A simple referral agreement will help you land new business in any economy, and in a recessionary economy in particular. You need a good referral agreement template on hand so that when a good opportunity presents itself, you are prepared. You will never know in advance […]

5 signs your sales sheet needs a makeover

Introduction Your book is rolling and you think your sales sheet is working hard for you. But is it? Is the blade driving the results it needs? If not, it might be time for a makeover. The solution may be to rebrand, adjust your value proposition, or simply modify your existing strategy before these red […]

Monitoring Your Kids’ Social Media – Facebook and WhatsApp Tracking

Parents worry about their children all the time on social media like Facebook. If they become too intrusive, they will look uncomfortable in front of their children. If you are also struggling with the same situation, we understand your problem. There is a way to monitor your children’s activities on Facebook and WhatsApp without hampering […]

Advantages and disadvantages of cordless power tools

Cordless power tools have been a huge hit in recent years and have given traditional tools a run for their money. This is how technology works; something better is introduced and replaces the previous form, totally or partially. But every newest product isn’t always the best, sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn’t. […]

The pros and cons of being a proofreader

Online proofreading jobs: pros and cons Do you have a decent knowledge of grammar, love to read, and want to try your hand at proofreading? Today, the Internet is awash with a variety of writings, some well written and some riddled with errors. Most of them would benefit from the review. This is why proofreaders […]

Will your website pass the 5 second test?

One of the biggest headaches webmasters face is getting your website visitors to stay on your website and ultimately take a desired action. Due to the high volume of websites competing for the same visitors, it is important to ensure that they stay on your website and do not go to your competitor. An average […]

What Google’s New Basic Web Vitality Rankings Mean for Small Businesses

How to navigate Google’s latest May 2021 update I know how important Google rankings are to small business owners, because I am a small business owner myself. I also know that while the web development world has been in an uproar with Google’s anticipated algorithm update, most of the small business owners I deal with […]