Authoritarian vs. authoritarian or permissive parents

The media has recently highlighted a pivotal debate among parenting experts: To be a drill sergeant or an empathic listener? To spank or not to spank? Punish or teach? In more than two decades as a parent educator, I firmly believe that effective discipline means setting firm limits while treating children with respect and dignity. […]

Yacht Charter in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia offers a good selection of yacht charters and includes bareboat charters, luxury crewed yacht charters, skippered yacht charters, monohull and catamaran charters, and sailing and motor yacht charters. Saint Lucia was first visited by Europeans around the year 1500 and was first successfully colonized by France, who signed a treaty with the native […]

Tips for giving your B&B guests the perfect British morning cuppa

An enduring urban myth is that continentals don’t drink tea. In fact, many of its supermarkets have a staggering range of teas, though nothing strong enough for many British palates. But what many don’t do is make tea with boiling water. As a result, it often lacks the flavor of a good British cup of […]

‘Willie Samuel’

‘Willie’ “One of the best in Philly” Philadelphia, “E Pluribus Unum”, – ‘Out of the many, one!’ Unlike other cities, life had been good for many people despite mass gentrification, politicization, politicized racial polarization, lawlessness, crime, capitalization, gun contamination, gun addiction, drug addiction, social illness, hunger, homelessness. , incarceration, drug traffickers and gangs, police brutality […]

VIETNAM – A war lost and won

‘VIETNAM – A War Lost and Won’ by Nigel Cawthorne was first published in 2003 by Arcturus Publishing Limited in the UK. Nigel Cawthorne, born in Chicago, United States, is an American-born British fiction and non-fiction writer and editor. The book includes an introduction to what sparked one of the worst wars in American history. […]

Covenant Theology: How is this important Christian movement different from orthodox Christianity?

Covenant Theology evolved from Calvin’s Reformed Theology in Geneva. It shifted the emphasis somewhat from the Sovereignty of God and Predestination to a relationship between God and man that was modeled after the relationship between the members of the Holy Trinity. Covenant theology is sometimes seen as emphasizing the love, camaraderie, and family aspect of […]

What Slot Games Pay Real Money Through PayPal?

Slot Games Pay Real Money Through PayPal If you live in the United States, you may be wondering if online casinos accept PayPal. While the vast majority of casinos accept PayPal, some do not. In these cases, there are alternatives. You can also use other forms of payment, such as Bitcoin. Make sure you check […]

Depressed about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (also known as DOMS)?

Each cell combining, a symphony of active screams in chaotic reactivity. The time has come during the night when the biological body is alive, waging war against itself; strives for fuel and building blocks. More ammo required…then more. The battle is finally won sometime during the night; then, finally, we could sleep! This is a […]