Sun Tzu Art of War – Impulse and Timing in Strategy

Sun Tzu used two analogies to emphasize the importance of two aspects: impulse and time. With momentum, even water that doesn’t have a solid shape is capable of pushing large boulders and with good timing, the eagle was able to break through the prey’s body without much effort. As seen below, or Chapter Five of […]

The Romantic Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance: An Introduction

The Harlem Renaissance was a very important part of American history and literary history, but is sadly neglected in ‘traditional’ history courses. Naturally, I had read some works by prominent figures of the Harlem Renaissance, such as Langston Hughes and James Weldon Johnson, but most of the participants were unknown to me. Furthermore, I knew […]

5 ideas of fun things to do with your nieces and nephews

If your nieces or nephews are like many kids, they are probably pretty crazy about you. After all, there’s nothing like time spent with your aunts and uncles. However, given the competition some aunts and uncles face in terms of grandparents who also want to spend special time with their favorite children, play with friends, […]

Gregory Benford Biography

Gregory Benford The American astrophysicist featured his award-winning science fiction novels; serving as a professor at the University of California, Irvine; he also provides his contributions as an editor at Reason magazine. He is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the world of science and writing. In collaboration with William Rotsler, David Brin and Gordon […]

The Wildwood Flower: A great American classic, but what does it mean?

I will get tangled in the middle of the curls Of my jet black hair, The lilies so pale And the roses so beautiful. Without argument, one of the most charming, intriguing, and captivating of all early American folk songs and poems is The Wildwood Flower. Its haunting story has captivated the fascination and loyalty […]

Characteristics of Baby Boomers: the good and the bad involved

Each person is different in their own way. This makes it different from the others. Even siblings differ a lot. Still, with the different characteristics of each person, he/she should still be able to achieve a good relationship with other people. Many generations have existed and also exist now. For centuries, each and every one […]