Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan You Need To Know

Consuming fewer calories than you burn can lead to instant weight loss on any type of diet. Most vegetarians interested in losing weight focus primarily on eating whole foods and fresh vegetables. However, for a vegetarian to lose weight quickly, moderate calorie intake and physical exercise are still required. Basically, a vegetarian diet should follow […]

Bowflex Treadclimber Vs Treadmill – Which One Is Right For You?

The Bowflex Treadclimber is a very popular twist on the traditional treadmill. Instead of a main belt, use two double pedals that rise to meet your feet as you walk. The main benefit of Treadclimber is that it burns calories up to 3 times faster than walking on a flat treadmill. So you see very […]

A new book teaches how to stay healthy and active in your golden years

At Building Your Enduring Fitness, Lisa Teresi Harris has written the book Baby Boomers and everyone from middle age to centenarians has been waiting. We all know that exercise and nutrition are important, but all the health and fitness books and exercise programs out there seem to be geared toward the 18-40 age group. We […]

Signs that your parents can’t live on their own

Caregiver Article: Signs Your Parents Can’t Live On Their Own We have included many signs that your parents or loved ones cannot live alone, read more below. Life conditions – One of the first and most obvious signs that your parents are not doing well at home on their own is the state of your […]

You have to get FITTE to get fit!

Do you want to get in shape? So you need to understand what FITTE really means. No, I didn’t misspell it … FITTE stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type and Enjoyment. When thinking about designing your exercise routine, understanding what the FITTE principle means will help you with your fitness and weight loss goals. FREQUENCY: […]

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym – Observations from a woman

Much publicity surrounds modern exercise machines, as seen in infomercials. There are many to choose from, and while different systems offer different exercises, they all promise the same thing: the body you’ve always wanted, as well as an overall improved lifestyle. However, there is an obstacle to overcome: some systems may not be practical for […]

Best Home Gym Equipment – What You Need to Build the Best Home Gym

Is It Really Possible To Find The Best Home Gym Equipment? When we talk about building the best home gyms, we also mean finding the right exercise equipment. That is more important to me than where I place the mirrors or what type of floor I use. In this article you will find tips to […]

Weight Loss – It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet!

Stand in line at a local store and look at the person in front of you, then at the person directly behind you. Statistically speaking, one of you is obese. A growing epidemic in the US, obesity rates are skyrocketing not just in adults, but in children as well. Miracle pills, hormone therapy, specialty shakes, […]