Employment Lawyer Toronto Explains the Impact of Changes in Legislation

Employment Lawyer Toronto Explains the Impact of Changes Having a skilled employment lawyer toronto is a must for those facing workplace issues. Whether you have been terminated, are considering filing a complaint or need help drafting a contract, legal assistance is essential in helping to protect your rights and ensure your business operates within the […]

Is Severance Pay Considered Compensation?

Severance Pay Considered Compensation Whether you’re laid off from your job or simply looking to change jobs, it’s important to understand how your severance package will be taxed. Unlike regular paychecks, which are subject to income tax withholding, severance pay is considered compensation and thus, it must be reported on your taxes in the year […]

Not an A student? Write a great high school resume anyway

Writing your first, second, or even third high school resume isn’t easy. Nobody said it was. With that said, though, writing your first, second, or even third high school resume is probably easier than mastering some of the popular video games students know so well. Have you ever wondered why you or your high school […]

5 Questions to Ask a Family Law Practice Attorney

Going through a divorce can be a difficult experience for many people. For some, the experience can be overwhelming when you consider the emotional distress that divorce brings, the financial burden so often associated with divorce, and the legal requirements, which are sometimes directly related to the emotional distress experienced. To help lessen the burden, […]

Property Management Services

Management companies offer a wide range of property management services to investors. The needs of each real estate investment may be different and the exact service offering from each company will vary, but here is an overview of the main services offered by residential property management companies. Determine the best rental rate A manager will […]

After you buy workers’ compensation insurance

After purchasing your coverage, you can be sure that you have met most of your financial obligations for work-related injuries. Most does not mean all. It is virtually impossible as a business owner to be completely sure due to the number of facets of operating and securing your business and the legal system. Therefore, do […]

7 steps to assess pricing

Value pricing for professionals who are committed to building great client relationships. Many small business owners are stuck with the outdated approach of time-based billing, undercharging and setting rates based on what the competition is charging; a situation where the customer and the market are driving your rates and not you. Value-based pricing was pioneered […]

The results are in: practical homeschooling vs. public schools

There are many quality studies indicating that hands-on homeschooling on average develops better quality students. Part of this effect can be explained by noting that parents have a say in enrollment no matter which route they take. A parent who is truly involved in their child’s education helps motivate the student, which results in better […]

Expected benefits of studying in India and studying abroad

India has been making rapid strides in the education sector since independence. It is known around the world for nurturing the best possible talent in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, engineering, economics, astronomy, and many more. With the largest education system in the world, India is home to more than 400 universities, 16,000 colleges […]