Why are we going to the caves? Deaton’s cave, a wild past

I remember playing on the hillside behind my grandparents’ house and finding holes in the ravines that my father and his brothers, or possibly one of my older cousins, dug. I even dug some myself, more like ditches covered with boards and dirt to hide in. There is a strange pleasure in getting dirty and […]

What to look for when evaluating a medical billing provider for your practice

If you have practiced medicine for some time, you probably agree that the healthcare industry has become incredibly complex in recent years. Thanks to ever-evolving regulations and changing reimbursement models, physicians are forced to optimize their operational processes in an effort to reduce expenses and increase revenue. One of the best ways that practices can […]

Russian Dwarf Hamsters Vs Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Russian and Chinese dwarf hamsters have been fighting for centuries. Okay, not really, but some kind of battle has been going on. For a long time, pet owners have been struggling with the decision between having Russian dwarf hamsters or Chinese dwarf hamsters. I myself love both of them so much that I could never […]

A modern case of past life regression

Past life regression (PLR) can be both an experimental technique and a form of therapy, but it has scientific credibility only if reincarnation is scientifically proven to exist. The existence of reincarnation is not yet a scientific truth. Recent studies indicate that reincarnation deserves to be recognized as a scientific hypothesis because it can be […]

Personal Injury Lawyer: How To Find Them

A personal injury attorney specializes in handling personal injury cases – claims and settlements. An attorney with many years of service can be advantageous, but what you should look for is his multitude of legal skills and, of course, a deep understanding of your special case. If you have a long list of personal injury […]

Who wins in the Formula 1 Vs. Champ Cars Drag Race?

Every now and then I am asked what the differences are between a Formula 1 chassis and a Champ Car. However, how many people really know what a Champ Car is? (As I am frequently asked to explain what they are) Unfortunately, most of today’s non-racing public only know what “RASSCAR” (Nextel Cup) is … […]

The rapid pace of evolution of consumer electronics

The evolution of consumer electronics, high definition displays, digital broadcasts, displays, and media is occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. Advances in technology are happening much faster than before, reducing the time to deliver new technologies to market at an exponential rate. The algorithm for designing and delivering new technology is a nearly fifty percent […]

Disability Retirement for Federal Workers: The Importance of a Coherent and Consistent Application

Federal and postal employees are in one of two possible retirement systems: FERS (an acronym for Federal Employee Retirement System) or CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System). Whichever system the federal or postal employee is in, the federal disability retirement benefit is an option that is available, in the event that a federal government worker is […]