How to choose a trademark attorney?

Trademark attorneys are those people who are well versed in trademark laws and help business organizations and individuals protect their trademarks, brand dress and intellectual property rights. They are usually employed by medium and large-scale business organizations that assist organizations in all legal matters related to trademarks and patents. These people also provide legal assistance […]

Auto Repossession: Peeling Back the Veil of Secured Debt

Car and truck repossession, like sausage manufacturing and politics, certainly has its benefits, but the actual process can be grossly unfair and disturbing to watch. This article is going to lift the veil and let the average consumer take a look at what happens in recovery. This article should help you decide what a foreclosure […]

L&I Pension – Permanent Total Disability

L&I pension payments When the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) places a work injury claimant on a pension, then their L&I claim is closed. However, the injured worker receives pension benefits for the rest of his life, as long as he remains unemployed. L&I pays pension benefits monthly, around the 15th of each month. […]

HDTV: 720p, 1080i and 1080p?

It seems that everyone is buying a new HDTV this year. The conversation around the water cooler is filled with tech buzzwords. When the HDTV standard in the US was originated by the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee), they defined eighteen different standards, but not all standards are in common use. The standards you should […]

Selection of subwoofers for Dubstep and Drum and Bass

As a concert producer, I am often asked what subs I would recommend. Subwoofers, like main ones, are selected based on the type of music you will be playing through them and how they will be used. For the purposes of this article, I am going to restrict the discussion to just Dubstep and Drum […]

Update of the Consumer Protection Law against Cyber ​​Squatting

Our law firm receives many calls from individuals and businesses that are being threatened with an Anti-Cyber ​​Squatting Consumer Protection Act claim because they registered a domain name identical or similar to a trademark held by someone else. Inevitably, we hear the words “Network Solutions allowed me to register the domain, so there’s no way […]

Incest Questions and Answers – Incest Research

Q: What’s wrong with parent-child sex? A: Parents who sexually abuse use sex as a way to control their children and as a way to relieve sexual and emotional frustration, usually due to a significant and unsatisfying and selfish marital or partner relationship. Incest has nothing to do with true love. The experience is oppressive, […]

Arizona Foreclosure Law – What happens to my second mortgage when the first mortgage is foreclosed?

It’s no secret that thousands of people across the country and in Arizona are losing their homes to foreclosure. One of the biggest issues I deal with as an Arizona real estate attorney handling foreclosure-related cases is the question of what happens to a second mortgage or home equity line of credit after the first […]