Key facts about security guard training

Security schools across the country offer training for security guards. Its goal is to prepare them with basic training on how best to deal with common problems in their jobs. Upon completion of this training, one can become certified with a license or guard card that allows them to work in the state. Although not […]

Naming Your Business: Five Rules for Long-Term Success

What’s in a name? Quite a lot if you’re starting a business. From cute to goofy, serious to silly, business names can range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Perhaps hungry for opportunities to be creative, some entrepreneurs seem to have the market cornered on how to get what may be the most important aspect […]

Improve Venture Capital Returns with IP Portfolio Management

Despite all the glamor and glamor that surrounds the venture capital industry, one would expect investment returns from venture capital funds to be significantly higher relative to other investment vehicles that are more widely available. However, industry research indicates that, over time, venture capital returns have roughly equaled those of the broader stock market. In […]

SEO for Lawyers: How You Should Choose Your Keywords

Lawyers have understood the importance of having an attractive website that accurately describes their practice areas. But having a website isn’t enough if users can’t find it while searching for a relevant term (terms that relate to/describe your legal business). The implied meaning of ‘web presence’ is a website that makes its presence felt in […]

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Dealing with divorce-related issues is difficult. People often have no idea where to go for advice. Few people are familiar with the ins and outs of this process. You don’t want to waste your time or money looking for the right divorce attorney. Instead, you can follow the advice given to get the best divorce […]

Learn about the requirements to become a paralegal

While some companies and law firms provide on-the-job paralegal training, virtually every paralegal job you apply for will require an associate’s degree in paralegal studies or, if you already have a bachelor’s degree, a certificate in paralegal studies. Some programs in the country offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees in paralegal studies. When deciding to pursue […]

Why the “derivatives of the alphabet” have caused so much destruction

Mortgage-backed securities (MBs) and credit default swaps (CDs) are often referred to, rather loosely, as the “alpha derivatives.” Most Americans have little idea what these financial instruments are. The terms (derived from the alphabet, cd’s, mbs’s, TARP and all the other acronyms used) have suggested that finance has essentially become a bureaucratic exercise of overwhelming […]

Hiring Employees and Avoiding Legal Trouble: 7 Mistakes Employers Should Avoid When Hiring

ERROR NO. 1 Not making sure the employee knows that he is employed at will. Be careful what you say orally or in writing when you make a job offer. Statements you make about the nature of the position or long-term opportunities with the company may be interpreted as a promise that the job is […]

Internships – Who benefits more, intern or company?

Of all the applications we receive, the only typology that exceeds those seeking employment are those seeking internships. Both types stem from youthful exuberance about the work we showcase on our website and the eagerness to get involved in the career of their dreams. Marketing is probably one of the most popular job options, especially […]