Learn about the top three reasons why people accumulate large amounts of debt!

Credit card debt has become a big problem in America. People have gotten used to using their plastic to get what they want, when they want, without actually having the money to pay for it. Next, I am going to list the top three reasons why people end up so overwhelmed by credit card debt. […]

My husband says things that hurt me, how do I handle it?

I often hear from people who have various troublesome problems within their marriage. A relatively common theme is when one of the spouses gets in the habit of throwing hurtful comments or words so often that it almost becomes a habit. This can very negatively affect your marriage and compromise the way your spouse thinks […]

Recognize Marketing Hoax (Fraud?) Before Becoming a Victim

Lately, I have been listening to a certain radio advertisement bombarding the New York subway news station that I enjoy listening to. The reason I like this station is simple: It’s smart, it’s interesting, and it conveys John Sterling / Susan Waldman Yankee commentary during the season’s games. However, this particular radio ad strikes me […]

Fast Facts About Estate Planning Attorneys

By definition, a real estate planning attorney is an attorney who provides legal advice to clients who own assets that need to be managed during their disability or death. This includes the granting or release of these assets to the heirs and the payment of inheritance taxes corresponding to the state. Basic Responsibilities of Property […]

Common bankruptcy myths finally debunked

Several years ago, a fellow bankruptcy attorney told me that our job as bankruptcy attorneys is to get our clients to tell us all the “Dairy Queen Law” they know. “Dairy Queen Law” is all bankruptcy laws that clients learned at the local “Dairy Queen” from friends, family, waitresses, and other clients. We have to […]

Attention Lawyers: Beware of online fraud

Are you a solo practitioner? Do you have a small or medium law firm? This article is for you to protect your assets, business, and reputation from scam artists who have already defrauded hundreds of attorneys and ruined many practices. The story line can unfold in a number of ways, but conceptually it is as […]

How Bill Gates Really Made His Money: All The Lies Exposed

I know you know Bill Gates. He’s that rich guy who dropped out of Harvard, founded Microsoft, and bam in a few years became a billionaire. Yeah sure, you’ve heard all that jazz before. But it’s true? Is everything you heard about Bill Gates real? You may not think of it that way, when I’m […]

The 10 basic rules of social media marketing

Social media marketing is the act of using social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to promote a business. Many companies will want to start their own social media marketing campaign and create a Facebook page or Twitter account. The problem is, they have no idea how to run a successful social media marketing campaign. […]

The history of infidelity in ancient cultures

Cheating and infidelity have been problems for humanity and human relationships since creation. Ancient stories record how there were always some who thought they deserved to have physical relationships outside of marriage. Infidelity behavior occurred in both ancient and modern civilizations. Understanding how the behavior was viewed and treated over the years can give you […]