Using herbs can help you lose weight during menopause

Herbs for weight loss are a common topic of discussion among women going through menopause. Weight gain is a real problem for many menopausal women. Changes in hormone levels can decrease energy, increase appetite, and contribute to water retention, all of which can lead to excess weight, particularly in the middle zone. There are many […]

Fractional CO2 Laser Recovery: What to Expect

Fractionated CO2 laser offers great benefits: it uses the gold standard CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation and treats the effects of sun damage, aging facial skin, brown spots, skin discoloration and acne scars. It can tighten skin, equalize skin tone and color, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the size of large pores. One […]

The best drinks to put your cocktail bartender to the test

When it comes to hiring the perfect cocktail bartender, or the woman! – it can be tricky to think about how to see if your tastes match. You could ask them to brew your favorite drink as a measure of how their skill suits your particular palate, but when it comes to parties and gatherings, […]

Light of love: does the soul live after the death of the body?

“It’s amazing, Molly … the love that is inside, you take it with you.” – Patrick Swayze’s character, Sam, to Demi Moore’s character, Molly, in Ghost Do you believe in some kind of life after death? CS Lewis once said that he was never in doubt about people who survived death, but when his wife […]

Nightlife, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Bars in New York: Our Guide to New York City Entertainment

Even though the city is getting bigger and building its nightlife more for tourists, New York is still bursting with nightlife for locals and travelers. NYC is known as the HUB of the Jazz world, as all the greats became famous here and those who arrive know that this is the place to do it. […]

How to prevent your stinky ears from stinking

Indigenous peoples have practiced ear stretching for hundreds of years for various rituals in countries like Africa, Europe, and more recently the explosion in North America and Europe. Ear lift essentially consists of widening a healed hole in the earlobe and placing a plug or tunnel in the drilled hole. Choosing to stretch your ears […]

How to get rid of pimples with smart remedies

Blackheads occur as a result of naturally produced excess oil and dead skin cells clog pores. A common misconception about blackheads is that they are caused by dirt. And a blackhead is created if the pore is open and the clogged pores turn black when the air hits the open and clogged pores. Rubbing your […]

Anti-Aging Secrets: How to Reduce and Prevent Sagging Skin Near the Mouth

The skin on your face is the first thing people you know see. This is why most people seem to focus on the facial area when it comes to choosing anti-aging skin care products. Many of these products claim to have results for sagging skin near the mouth and other trouble spots. To get the […]

Highlights of Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a fascinating city and a great place for anyone to take a vacation. Visiting Los Angeles and the surrounding areas could be one of the best and most memorable experiences you will ever have. Tourists seem to get excited about everything from the simplest to the biggest. For whatever reason, tourists always […]