Divorcing a Narcissist: The Ultimate Challenge

You may be surprised when your narcissistic husband or wife asks or demands a divorce. The narcissistic partner has been planning this action for some time. Narcissists are conspirators. They ponder how a particular move will benefit them long before they reveal it to the other party, even if it’s a spouse they’ve been married […]

Relationships: Can a past life connection keep someone in a dysfunctional relationship?

If someone came to the conclusion that they are in a relationship that is not very healthy, they could investigate what they could do to change it. By taking this approach, it will give them a chance to see if something can be done. Most likely, there will be what you will have to do […]

Can a man disconnect from his need for human connection if he had a neglectful mother?

Unsurprisingly, humans need human connection to be at their best. This is something that will have an effect on someone’s mental, emotional and physical health. The reason why it is not a surprise is that human beings are interdependent; they are not independent. This, however, can be difficult for many people to accept if they […]

The importance of treating yeast infections with an antifungal cream

The perfect yeast infection cream will help you heal yourself so you can have fun with your life to its fullest. Truth be told, there is a wide range of yeast infection creams easily available in the market that could do the job effectively. Certain candidiasis occurs as a consequence of the overproduction of yeast […]

Facial exercises that prevent premature aging by Jeanette Johnson

It makes sense that we can preserve at least some of our youthful facial appearance through exercise. We run, go to the gym, do calisthenics, and lift weights to build bigger muscles in our arms, legs, and abdomen—or at least to maintain the muscles we already have. After a while of exercising those muscles, they […]

Celebrity dads give gifts; Get in on the trend

Rich celebrities are used to being gifted with expensive jewelry, and the trend extends right up to the day they give birth. Case in point: Pierce Brosnan gave his wife Keely three gold and diamond bracelets when his son Paris was born. Ben Affleck gifted his wife Jennifer Garner expensive purple jewelry after he gave […]

"His" Yeast Infection: How Native American Indians Would Have Cure It

If you have a yeast infection, you certainly want a cure or treatment. Anyone who has ever battled one of these infections can honestly attest that the entire experience was nothing short of a nightmare. It’s no secret that Native American Indians seemed to have cures for just about every kind of physical ailment. Regardless […]