What you need to know about probiotics

Probiotics are edible products that contain the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the digestive system. In the digestive tract, bacteria help complete the digestive process. They also help in the production of vitamins. Types of probiotics There are many types of bacteria that are classified as probiotics, but most of them fall into two main groups: […]

The Trellis of Williamsburg, VA – Review

Note: menu offerings and prices may vary. Chef and co-owner Marcel Desaulniers opened The Trellis Restaurant in 1980 while observing and inspiring the renaissance of American cuisine. Described in his book Burger Meisters as a culinary paradox due to its healthy eating patterns even after authoring Death By Chocolate, Marcel Desaulniers believes that while eating […]

How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections – You Will No Longer Worry About That Disgusting Smell

Yeast infection can cause discomfort, itching, immediate daily pain, uncomfortable and even painful sex, and ultimately predisposes you to vaginal infections. According to experts, if you want to get rid of yeast infection for good, opt for an antifungal program. Follow these steps and you will never get yeast infection again. Cut down on refined […]

Relationships: Why do some men want a mother figure?

Just because a man looks like a man does not mean that he feels like a man on the inside. What is happening externally is going to have very little to do with what is happening internally. However, even though your physical appearance will create the impression that you are a man, it does not […]

The health benefits of rowing

Sliding seat rowing is the greatest sport around, according to Fritz Hagerman, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Ohio University. Hagerman, who studies the physiology of exercise, such as aerobic and anaerobic capacities, metabolic response, and the effects of blood lactate levels in athletes, found that competitive rowers spent nearly twice as […]

How to get rid of acid reflux: my personal story

Learning how to get rid of acid reflux is a tremendous challenge for countless people, and many never make it. Resulting in them being sentenced to a lifetime of taking drugs that, for the most part, only treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause. I am going to share my story with you on how […]

Noni Juice and Anti Candida Diet Fruit

Speaking of anti-candida diet fruits, there must be a lot of pros and cons regarding which fruits are good and which are bad. I always thought pineapples were loaded with sugar, but some articles said it’s good. Personally, I can’t eat pineapple as it causes a lot of indigestion, however it is on the list […]