Brush your face with a toothbrush and look younger

Would you like to know a really cheap way to make your face look years younger? Of course you would! Who does not? Well, get yourself a two dollar soft bristle toothbrush and you’ll be on your way. Regularly brushing your FACE (yes, your face) with a toothbrush will help keep your skin youthful. You […]

Cruising the French Riviera on a Budget: La Ciotat to Cannes

The French Riviera is well known for being a playground for the rich and famous with prices to match. Whether you’re young or retired, on a tight budget or not, it’s always nice to feel like you have options when and how to spend your hard-earned money. Having sailed this popular area for the past […]

Top 10 ANNOYING Marketing Buzzwords

Calling all sellers! Prepare to disrupt (yes, that’s one of them) your digestive tract with marketing cliches that will make you vomit. These marketing terms are polluting creative minds everywhere, and there might even be scientific evidence linking these cringe-worthy slogans to Millennials’ intense feelings of “I don’t want a desk job.” It is certainly […]

The false empathy of the narcissist: how to free yourself from his clutches

Genuine empathy is the ability to feel deeply into the emotional state of another human being. In short, it is the ability to put ourselves in the place of another. We learn to be empathic as children, based on early loving relationships with parents. There are exceptions. Some people are very empathetic, despite being treated […]

Foods to avoid with hypothyroidism problems

Hypothyroidism is the condition or state in which the thyroid gland does not produce some of the essential thyroid hormones, specifically triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). The condition is also known as the underactive thyroid problem. The main task of thyroid hormones is to “run the body’s metabolism.” As a result, people with hypothyroid problems […]

Past Lives – Scientific Evidence

Edgar Casey, known as the most prolific prophet of our time, was the first to bring past lives to light in the 20th century. His many readings are archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A convincing form of confirmation that we live more than one life is demonstrated […]

Top ten off the beaten track things to do in Kathmandu

If you want to see the sights but escape the tourist crowds, check out my suggestions for the best things to see and do and the best time to do it. 1. Watch the sunrise over the city from the Swayambunath Temple (Monkey Temple) Avoid the hordes of tourists and get up before dawn. Join […]

Attachment style: Come closer, don’t walk away

In this article, I am going to go into more detail about another type of attachment style. You may identify with this style as you read. It affects how you relate to your significant relationship today or in previous relationships you have been in. It could have caused some problems, especially if you don’t recognize […]