Ear clipping laws in the state of Pennsylvania

In January 2009, the Pennsylvania House passed a law on what supporters of the law call cruelty to animals. This law was a knee-jerk reaction to the killing of 80 dogs by Ammon and Elmer Zimmerman, breeders in Berks County, Pennsylvania. At the time it was perfectly legal to kill your dog in Pennsylvania. Rather […]

Information about the Siberian husky for breeders and buyers

The Siberian husky is a purebred dog recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a breed in 1930. The Siberian husky is a descendant of the “eskimo dog” or sled dog, and is also a member of the larger group of Spitz. dogs that derive from the Arctic. Its Spitz relative includes the Chow […]

Keeping swans: 5 tips if you are thinking of raising swans

Swans are truly graceful birds. Their physique and overall stature make them ornamental in all ponds and lakes. Whenever you want to breed swans, keeping swans is just a matter of simple tasks. They do not require extensive work to raise them, however, you must protect them from predators such as coyotes and wolves, as […]

Orphan train

Orphan train Ten-year-old Charles Cordis, wearing a new suit and carrying a cardboard suitcase containing a change of clothes, boarded a train in 1876 in New York City with dozens of other orphans whose fates were unknown. Cordis’s mother and father were German immigrants seeking new opportunities in the United States, as did thousands of […]

Great tips for adopting a golden retriever

With its round head, floppy ears, and thick coat, the golden retriever looks very cute and cute. Docile and intelligent, calm and balanced, he is particularly popular in the role of guide dog, but he also reveals himself as a great family companion. But is the golden retriever really for you? Goldens are devoted, loyal, […]

Cool Sculpting Review – Zeltiq’s Cool Sculpting Miracle?

This Cool Sculpting review will bring you up to speed on what it can do and if it really works. Science-based company Zeltiq has developed a new medical device designed to help you lose fat in specific problem areas. This non-invasive procedure, called Cool Sculpting, was created based on work started by Dr. Rox Anderson […]