Author and nutritionist David Wolfe on nutrition myths

Kevin: Let’s take another turn here and talk a little bit about some of the common things that people are experiencing today and maybe if you could give some suggestions on what you can do to help them. I know that, to begin with, we will start with osteoporosis. Many women are concerned about osteoporosis […]

Christmas Song – Jingle Bells History and Fun Facts!

‘Jingle Bells’ is one of the best known Christmas songs in the world, but its history tells us that it is not specifically a Christmas song. Known today as a Christmas song filled with fun and laughter and is popular as a parody theme. James Lord Pierpont originally wrote the song in 1857 and it […]

Britney Spears and the Law of Attraction

Britney Spears. Oh, the tongue wagging that goes on in supermarket checkout lines these days as moms across America collectively sigh, grateful (with the possible exception of fame and money) that Miss Spears is someone else’s problem. Grateful that her daughters, though troublesome in their own right, haven’t reached the melting point of a Spears […]

Beautiful Dreamer, Stephen Foster, America’s First Folk Songwriter

“Pretty Dreamer” It was written by Stephen Foster just before his death in 1864 at the age of 37. The song became one of his most famous and popular. However, as with the 200 or so other songs Foster wrote during his brief life, it did not receive the recognition or financial reward that he […]

Saint Francis in Christmas Carols

Since everyone envisions snow at Christmas, San Francisco weather in winter is nothing like Christmas. Despite this, San Francisco appears in popular Christmas songs. The most famous is “Christmas in San Francisco.” Another is “Christmas by the Bay.” The last one is “It’s Christmas once again in San Francisco.” Since the author does not know […]

Columbus schools run partnership programs that help students

Columbus schools have created a wide range of partnerships The partnership programs that Columbus Schools participate in cover a wide range of disciplines, grade levels, and locations. There are several successful partnership programs in the Columbus Schools. “Computers Rock 24/7” is a partnership program focused on introducing technology to fourth and fifth grade girls. Students […]

The new electric Supertruck arrives

Well, after their recent startling announcement that such a thing even existed, Elon Musk and Tesla have announced and demonstrated their new “heavy rig” electric truck. What does this mean for transportation and moving companies? the original ad A few months ago, Musk made one of his famous”oh, by the way…” type ads. This delivered […]