The hawk flies again: homeopathy helped the wounded bird fly through the skies

It was not the first time that our cat brought him a surprise. It was not even the first time he had brought a live bird. Perhaps it was that he released him in the bedroom rather than the basement or living room (his usual places to release his prey). I think what surprised me […]

Build Your Own Cat Tree: How To Choose The Right Mat For Your Cat Tree

If you have the idea of ​​building your own cat tree, but have never done it before, you may have a lot of questions. Many of those questions are likely to focus on what kinds of materials you should be using. This article will give you tips for selecting and purchasing the correct type of […]

German Shepherd Puppies – Ethical German Shepherd Breeders

German Shepherds are among the most loyal and intelligent pets. Like all other dogs, they accompany their owners with love and company. Bringing a German Shepherd puppy home is a huge responsibility. You must realize that although you are buying the dog from a breeder, it is not an object. A dog is one of […]

The seven main species of tarantulas for beginners

Tarantulas can make wonderful pets. They are exotic and fascinating creatures that require much less attention than a dog or cat, or even a fish tank. Many species are hardy enough to require minimal care and are always great conversation starters. However, novice pet owners should be careful when deciding which type of tarantula to […]

Forced exercise of your puppy or dog can cause serious injury and permanent damage

How many times have you heard, “We have the puppy or the dog, to go jogging with me or my …” Many exercise enthusiasts would love nothing more than exercising with their pet. They imagine themselves keeping fit not to mention sharing adventures and exploring new horizons together. They don’t realize that forced exercise could […]