Golden Retriever Dogs: What You Should Know About Their Ancestry

Golden retrievers became increasingly popular in Britain in the 19th century with the growth of the sport of bird hunting. Retrievers were considered the elite of sporting breeds as they were highly versatile and could be used to hunt upland and waterfowl. Many crossbreeds were used during this time, and there is no doubt that […]

Golden Retriever puppies – 5 things to consider when buying a puppy

Golden Retriever puppies are a very popular choice due to the versatility of the breed. Whether you’re looking for a companion dog, service dog, or hunting professional, there are breeders who can help you find the right pup. No one wants to spend time and money on a dog that ultimately won’t be the right […]

Taking care of your pet: the best tips to show that you love animals

Taking care of your pet is the top priority. As with children, any pet owner has many things to worry about. From bathing to nail trimming, the pet parent has to find the necessary time along with his daily schedule to make his pets happy. Although it can feel like you’re all over the place […]

Are Dog Antioxidants Really Necessary for Your Dog? Find it now

Very few dog owners seem to realize the importance of giving dogs effective antioxidants. If you are one of them, let me congratulate you first. You are a very responsible dog owner and you know exactly what your dog needs. However, if you don’t give your dog antioxidant supplements or if you have no idea […]