How to get the most out of LinkedIn – 3 tips

As you may or may not be aware, companies are quite active on most of the major social networks; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In this article, we are going to focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is currently the world’s largest professional network, with more than 150 million users worldwide. For anyone who uses LinkedIn on a […]

Russian Investors Buying Cash Flow Properties in Chicago

International sanctions combined with lower global demand for crude oil and natural gas have had an adverse effect on the Russian economy that has driven the ruble to record lows. Some have speculated that policies have been created to keep the ruble artificially weak, as a way to stimulate economic growth. As the weakened currency […]

Shadow inventory: what it is and how to find it

Many investors have been asking me about shadow inventory, how much is available, and how to get their hands on it. Shadow inventory generally refers to the supply of homes that has not yet hit the market, but is “hiding” in the background. In Real Estate it refers to foreclosures (REO or bank owned) or […]

What is a natural disaster and what can you do to prepare?

Natural disasters occur when natural events occur and interact with humans. Generally, these natural events become disasters when people have not adequately prepared and/or have not adequately managed the emergency and the result of the natural event is disastrous for those involved. The following are facts about various potential natural disasters and what you can […]

Automatic entry services to the competition: what are the benefits?

Most racing enthusiasts spend many hours online entering their details into online entry forms, but while enthusiast communities and message boards do exist, there is no denying that this can be a repetitive and tedious task. Although form filling software can speed things up a bit, it is not a substitute for a competent and […]

Getting autographed celebrity photos judged

At some point, anyone who owns an autographed photo of a celebrity has considered appraising it for full value, either out of curiosity or because they are considering selling the autographed photo. The problem is that many people don’t even know where to start when it comes to evaluating a photo. Before having your photo […]

How to choose a professional painting contractor

Choosing a quality painting contractor is just as important a decision as choosing your paint, and usually more crucial. The highest quality acrylic or oil cannot make up for sloppy corners, poor surface preparation, drips, and overloading. There are so many painting companies with integrity of workmanship and business practices. Here’s how to find one: […]

Tile Roof Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

Year after year, the shingles on your home’s roof are exposed to the wrath of nature and, if not given proper attention, begin to look dilapidated. Mold, moss, and tree sap begin to accumulate on the roof tiles, making the roof look old and ugly. Most of us pay a lot of attention to cleaning […]

Real Estate Investing Tips to Get Rich

For those of you who own investment real estate and have been nicknamed “Owners”, I share with you the absolute worst case scenario of Buy & Hold real estate investment if you have bought properties at good margins. Note: Although I live in Houston, Texas and wholesale great investment properties in Houston, most of my […]