The rise in popularity of the aparthotel

Serviced apartments are a relatively recent phenomenon. They are fully furnished apartments that have similar amenities to hotel rooms and can be used for short or long term stays, offering a more homelike experience. Some of the main benefits of staying in a serviced apartment compared to a hotel room are that they offer, on […]

Landlords: How to Determine the Rent Amount for Your Property

I want to present several resources where a real estate investor or property owner can determine what rent they can charge for their investment property. The three most popular websites available for this purpose are, and Craig’s List. Zillow is the most popular and respected, so we’ll start there. To go and […]

Investing in Apartment Buildings: Find Motivated Sellers

As the creator of the “Buy Your First Apartment Building Online Course”, I have many potential students and beginning investors ask me: “How do I find motivated apartment building sellers?” There are many ways investors use to find motivated sellers, however what I see happening a lot with beginners is that They start looking for […]

6 reasons you should buy a home in Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island Homes for Sale Do you dream of having a home away from home where you can simply sunbathe, relax, and create extraordinary memories with your loved ones over and over again? Even better, have you ever imagined living like you were on vacation all year long? If you do, Hilton Head Island […]

How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Rent Refinance and Repeat

How to Quickly Build a Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat Strategies In this article, you will gain a complete understanding of how you can quickly build a large real estate portfolio using the buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat method. This strategy was started by Danill Kleyman of True […]

Smart Strategies for Leasing Homes, Condos, Duplexes, and Townhomes in a Tight Real Estate Market

1. Looking for houses and looking for apartments are two completely different animals and require different approaches. In the apartments there is always another available next week. In the houses, each one is unique and, once rented, disappears. So being prepared is especially important when you need a home. That’s particularly true in high-end or […]

Decorative concrete: what you should know about cracks and color variations

While I typically advocate for the wonders and joys of decorative concrete applications, I think it should also inform the other side of the coin: no matter what the stamp’s color or design reflects, it’s still concrete. Your new patio may look like a beautiful chalkboard, but it is not. It is concrete. What does […]