Engagement Party Checklist and Planning Ideas

This is a complete engagement party checklist and some ideas to help you plan your engagement party. After the engagement * Notice of commitment in newspaper, Facebook, etc. * Organize an engagement party (it’s easy to create an event on Facebook to invite your friends) Engagement Party Checklist * Date and Time (Most of the […]

Burn Zones: Life Band Hands Review

Part memoirs, part inspirational story, BURN ZONES: PLAYING THE BAD HANDS OF LIFE by Jorge P. Newbery is the true story of the life of a modern Renaissance man, a self-made success that will not stop at nothing to achieve your goals. Newbery begins his narrative with a short introduction that informs the reader what […]

Baby carriers: advantages and disadvantages of this type of baby carrier

Baby slings are very popular and there are many parents who would testify that this is one of the best things they have used to care for their baby. They can easily move around and do all their chores while holding your baby. They won’t have to buy expensive gadgets to entertain your baby because […]

The Son of Mary – A Christmas Carol – An Inspiring Read

Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas, written by Darryl Nyznyk, is a wonderful and moving tale of the overwhelming fears of youth and an inspiring read that reinvents the true Christmas story and wreath with a modern twist. Sarah Stone is the 11-year-old heroine of Mary’s Son. She lives a privileged life in an elegant […]

7 ideas to take your physical training outdoors

Bored with your current training routine? Tired of driving to the gym to exercise in such good weather? Are you stuck in a fitness routine and looking for new ideas to renew your progress? The warmer weather is here, so why not take your exercise routine outside? Let’s be honest. Driving 30 minutes to the […]

Good Question to Ask a Girl – 7 Good Questions to Ask Girls to Wake Up ATTRACTION

“Can you give me some good questions to ask a girl?” – That’s something they ask me very often. Here are 7 quick questions you can use TODAY to build attraction. Fast. Enjoy! Question # 1 – What do you have going for you besides your appearance? This makes SHE qualify for YOU. If it’s […]

A sofa bed mattress pad – eliminates the metal bar feel

A sofa bed mattress is the key to turning your uncomfortable sofa bed into a comfortable and restful place for you or your guests. Over the years, the sofa bed has earned a reputation as a functional yet uncomfortable sleeping option. It is ideal for those guests you want to get rid of quickly. But […]

Celebrating Father’s Day 2016 amid America’s growing fatherlessness

Father’s Day 2016 is just around the corner, a day whose history dates back to July 5, 1908 when a West Virginia church sponsored an event honoring the 362 men who had died in a mine explosion. coal, a planned one. I’m just trying for time, but then … The following year, Sonora Smart Dodd, […]