Family Service Project Ideas: 30 Great Ways to Make a Difference

There is a difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is often temporary, usually the result of getting something, and often motivated by selfish desires. However, joy most often comes as a result of selfless living and giving, is motivated from within, and is certainly much more than just temporary gratification because it is a rewarded […]

I started my business from home and spend more time with my family

I was hit by a major financial situation months ago and had debts caused by my husband. He had an irregular and unstable job from the first day we got married. Who would have thought that a man can still be extremely irresponsible even after having two children? Any sensible man would aim to work […]

Clean coal and oscillating states

How many of you remember seeing Barack Obama or John McCain on the campaign trail talking about clean coal technology? Did you notice how this happened in the swing states, states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and others? Now consider this, there are no clean coal plants in operation in the United States, clean coal […]

The best gifts for teachers have nothing to do with apples or school buses: I promise

Guess this: We trust our teachers with the education and well-being of our children for most of their day, every day. We know that educators have a great influence on the growth and development of our children. We know that teachers are undercompensated and overworked. We know that education is a labor of love, and […]

3 Common Family Conflicts (EXPERT)

As parents and children interact on a daily basis, conflict is likely to arise. When you mix different generations and parenting styles, it churns out the work. It’s time to compromise for a peaceful home and a happy family. There are no perfect parents or perfect children (no matter what Grandma says). Children don’t always […]

Newborn Baby Checklist: A Complete Checklist of Newborn Needs for the New Mom

The long-awaited day is almost here! Soon you will have a beautiful baby in your arms and you want everything to be perfect! Bringing home a newborn baby, especially your first, can be daunting. Such big changes and unknowns can cause stress for a new mom. “De-stress” your preparation with this checklist for newborn babies. […]

How Ronzoni Italian Foods helped my dad learn English

My dad likes to say it was made in Italy, but he was born in Brooklyn, New York. You see, his parents left Palermo, Sicily, in February 1955 and sailed to America. My nonna (grandmother in Italian) was six months pregnant at the time and she was quite ill during the course of the month. […]