Why could you benefit from having a Hotmail account?

Today, email has become a necessity for all the people who want to keep up to date with the latest happenings. People all over the world use different service providers to create their email account. Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail are some of the main players in this industry today. Hotmail itself offers a selection of […]

How A Bike Tour Is Worth More Than 3K In Facebook Ads

Why should a bike ride be worth more than 3K on Facebook ads? A bike tour for your guests doesn’t cost three thousand dollars. It’s not even close to $ 200. However, although hotels and resorts charge only a moderate fee for a bike tour, it is worth much more than one might imagine. Guests […]

MOOC Analytics: What Corporate Training Can Learn From Big Data

What parts of your training program are more or less effective? When are your employees really engaged and when are they daydreaming? What training units / simulations / evaluations / employee actions are most associated with learning? How does training influence the success of your employees and your organization? Would you like to be able […]

Different types of Chinese TV series

Everyone loves quality entertainment to relieve stress and have a good time. However, it is often not easy to find a television series or show that can be labeled as a good watch. Each individual’s preference differs from that of another; some may prefer quality or quantity, while others may prefer both. Here comes the […]

Latest Xiaomi Smartphones 2018: The Future Today

If you have never heard of Xiaomi mobile phones before, then your mind is about to fly. They are one of the largest suppliers of consumer electronics products based in China and are pushing the limits of what is considered possible from import technology. I’ll walk you through some of the products they offer, which […]

Unintended consequences of the lights in the Carlsbad caverns

Being so used to having just about anywhere lit up for people to see their way, I hadn’t given much thought to lighting America’s largest underground natural wonders. My first trip through the Great Hall of Carlsbad Caverns was on Thanksgiving. We arrived shortly after this amazing natural wonder opened to the public. With so […]

More than just music and stunts: a corporate social responsibility

Although the main focus of the Vans Warped Tour is to put on good music for the people, raising concerns about environmental issues has also been an equally high priority for them. Vans Warped Tour launched a Green Warped initiative that made it the most environmentally friendly event in North America. With the initiative, the […]

Beyond Bodybuilding: Stranger in a Strange Land: Book Review

When America’s leading literary critic, Yale Professor Emeritus Harold Bloom, was asked to define literary greatness, he did so as follows: “I have tried to confront greatness directly: to ask what makes the author and works canonical. The answer, most of the time, turned out to be strangeness, a mode of originality that either cannot […]