Chicago lights festivals with lights, visitors do check parking rules

The season of lights makes the city of Chicago happy and bright. This is the most colorful time to celebrate the city’s decorative holiday traditions. Luminous events bring an influx of tourists in the millions. There are many events held here namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holiday activities to guarantee special winter tours.

The Christmas season in Chicago gets off to a great start and it’s a family-friendly activity on Michigan Avenue from the Tribune Tower. There is so much to see and enjoy with activities, painting, live music on stage, and treats. The event ends with a tree lighting parade and turns Michigan Avenue into a wonderland.

Chicagoans’ favorite traditions attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade on State Street. This is a great opportunity to see Ronald McDonald and Santa Claus foot-tapping the marching band of Christmas carols in the lineup. This is the only feature in Chicago that features gigantic inflatable helium balloons. This parade is a way to promote the spirit and economy of the locals.

Chicago also holds a festival originating from Nuremberg, Germany, the Christkindlmarket. This market warms up many features and hearts of German treats. There are many vendors selling nutcrackers, decorations, and toys. This is also a wonderful time to enjoy German beers, spiced wine, sausages, desserts, and potato pancakes. In this way, Chicagoans celebrate the holiday, a tradition that began over a century.

At Navy Pier, Winterwonderfest is a perfect festival for a family. It has fun games, giant slides, covered ferris wheels, rides and an indoor ice skating rink. There are many theaters that offer Christmas entertainment. The Chicago theater will have performances and you can see a non-ballet version that is a Chicago based theater.

Holidays allow you to experience around 50 trees to reflect different cultures. Enjoy multicultural performances and the holiday of light, a multicultural exhibition. The Lincoln Park Zoo decorates the zoo with festive displays and strings of lights. The zoo features family crafts, giant snow globes, ice carving demonstrations, and ice skating.

Chicago presents a variety of visionary productions in all ground-breaking venues and welcomes musicals and other traveling productions from all over the country. Visitors can also enjoy the comedy scene and laugh the night away.

With visitors coming here to see and enjoy the Chicago Festival of Lights, it is necessary to understand Chicago’s rules and regulations on driving and parking.

  • A car coming from outside means the registration is outside of Chicago. If so, they must display a city sticker on the car as long as they are Chicago residents. Residents include everyone, whether their primary home is Chicago or not.

  • New Chicago residents must display the City sticker within 30 days.

  • If you also rent your Chicago property, tenants must display a city decal.

In a fast-paced and busy city like Chicago, parking is certainly a big problem. It is really expensive. The monthly parking fee per month is over $ 300 at private locations. The coveted covered locations with heated garages near Soldier Field, Wrigley Field, The Loop, or near the condo building, are prime locations and do not offer parking. Parking spaces are trendy products that represent the city and condo buildings feature parking facilities as a service and also as a source of income.

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