Does it matter if you lie about your grades to get a good student discount on your car insurance?

Insurance costs for teens have always been high. Teenagers, in addition to being inexperienced drivers, tend to take more risks while driving, resulting in a high incidence of tickets and accidents. Fortunately, those teens who do well in school can often get a “good student discount” with many auto insurance companies. However, some students who do not have such good grades want to falsify their academic records in the hope that they too can get this discount. But can you get away with it?

Well the simple answer is maybe. The insurance company may not look twice at the forged document you gave them. They may not follow up with the school and get an official transcript. Maybe you won’t go to jail for insurance fraud. That’s what it boils down to: If you falsify documents to get a better rate, you are committing insurance fraud, and the penalties for such a crime can be quite severe.

There are literally thousands of cases of insurance fraud at any given time and insurance companies take this very seriously. Chances are, unless your provider is very small, they have investigators working for them who check on anyone they think is suspicious. You’re most likely not the first person to falsify your scores to get a lower premium, so insurance company investigators will at least follow up with your school faculty to make sure the information is correct. . . In fact, may companies will get the document directly from your school to avoid any tampering.

Another thing to consider is the cost to your parents if you commit insurance fraud. If you are a minor and on your parents’ policy, your parents can also be charged with fraud if you provide the company with falsified documents. Something like this is way beyond you and will affect your family for years to come, if not permanently.

If you really want to get a good student discount on your auto insurance premium, the best thing to do is get good grades. Don’t think you can fool the insurance company; they’ve been doing this for years and have seen every trick in the book. His idea is nothing new and completely criminal. Saving a few bucks on your premium isn’t worth it if you end up facing hefty fines, going to court, or maybe even ending up in jail. High insurance costs are just part of being a teenager; if you want to drive, you have to pay them. However, before you know it, your costs will start to drop. Don’t even consider faking your grades, it’s not worth it. As long as you keep your nose clean and don’t have any accidents or receive speeding tickets, your insurance company will eventually slowly reduce your premium to a more reasonable and manageable level.

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