Golf Instruction: Get Like a Tiger

I would like to share some golf instruction that helped improve my game. I learned this bit of posting information while watching Tiger Woods on TV a few years ago. The great thing about this putting technique is that you can see the results immediately by following Tiger Wood’s example.

As that great baseball philosopher Yogi Berra once said, “You can see a lot just by looking.” Anyway, this is what I observed. After Tiger went through his putting ritual, he did his practice hitting behind the ball while looking into the cup.

Since he was in front of the cup, Tiger had a much better view of his putt break. Instead of tackling his putt and turning his head towards the putting line, he was viewing the line using his bicameral vision better.

Also, when I was practicing putting behind the ball, I was feeling the distance of the putt. I feel like the extra pair of feet that was standing behind the ball made it a bolder putter. Of course, the cameras follow Tiger around the golf course and I was able to really study his technique.

Sitting there in my easy chair on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was getting some golf instructions from the best player in the world. He couldn’t wait to get to the golf course after studying Tiger Wood’s putting method. I had to see if this method worked for me.

Well, the results could not have been clearer or more immediate. I was able to see the line more clearly and felt more confident as I walked to tackle the putt. This method has definitely helped my putting.

I feel like it would be helpful to other avid recreational golfers. I’m not sure if Tiger still uses this method before putting the putt. If you still do, you can watch it the next time you’re on TV and benefit from this very helpful golf instruction.

Let the best player in the world help you improve your putting technique like he helped improve mine.

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