How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs: Top 4 Ways To Lose Unwanted Chest Fat Fast

Gynecomastia or also known as man boobs is a serious problem for many men. The good news is that you don’t need to take pills or have surgery to fix this problem. A change in your lifestyle can help you lose moobs fast. If you follow my tips below, you’ll see results in as little as three to five weeks.

1) Increase Testosterone Level
What would you do if you want to lose belly fat? You diet and exercise and in a few months your belly fat is gone. Man boobs are a bit different, they won’t go away with exercise and proper nutrition alone. The first step to losing your man boobs is to increase your testosterone level. Increase foods with a high level of testosterone in your daily diet.

2) Do cardio training
Cardio is a great way to lose body fat too. However, spending hours and hours on machines is not the answer to losing chest fat fast. If you do that, you’re training at a lower heart rate. Your muscles, heart, and lunges all need an explosive boost, and in doing so, you should do interval cardio training.

3) Eat more but less
Instead of eating the three main meals every day, eat smaller portions. But eat them every two or three hours. If you eat more often, your metabolism will work faster, so you will burn fat faster. Never starve yourself, your metabolism will go into starvation mode, it will slow down and at this stage it is very difficult to burn fat.

4) Do weight training exercises
If you want to lose man boobs and body fat fast, you will have to train with weights. Lifting free weights is a great way to speed up your metabolism, increase your testosterone, and sculpt your muscles. There are literally hundreds of weightlifting exercises for dozens and dozens of different goals. However, our goal is to lose man boobs fast, so put your effort into compound chest exercises. Two very good chest exercises are the decline and incline bench press.

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