How to steal her frame and fire her attraction for you

Most of us make a crucial mistake when trying to get a girl to like us.

It usually happens quickly, automatically, and unconsciously.

We see a girl and suddenly we are attracted to her. Then we quickly imagine the best case and the worst case at the same time.

If we’re lucky, the best-case scenario motivates us more than the worst-case scenario, and we get closer.

But before we even talk to her, we already shot ourselves in the foot.


Because our natural inclination is to increase the odds of the best case, avoiding the worst case.

This is natural and happens every time we interact with reality, whether we grasp it or not.

Only when we go to talk to that girl, most of the time, have we already decided that she has passed all of our tests.

This is natural, and for the longest time in human history, physical attraction was all a man needed.

But that was during a time when cute, single girls were few and far between.

Every time we saw a pretty girl in that situation, it was literally life or death. So our caveman brains developed a mindset that says we should be successful with every girl we see.

Girls, on the other hand, have ALWAYS been able to choose between boys.

Which means if we go there, using our caveman programming, and she’s sitting there, using her cavegirl programming, she has the upper hand.


Because she looks at us through a “I wonder if she qualifies” frame, while we look at her through a “I hope to qualify” frame.

Who do you think will have the advantage?

Sure, if you are rich, famous and handsome, you will be fine. But most of us are not rich, handsome, or famous.

So what do we do?

We replace our automatic caveman thinking with conscious, rational thinking.

Instead of automatically thinking, “I hope to qualify,” we must force our brains to think “I wonder if she qualifies.”

That way, instead of going there to “win approval,” think of yourself as a fact-finding mission, to make sure she doesn’t have red flags or skeletons in the closet.

Get her to qualify for you, rather than the other way around.

An easy way to do this is with covert hypnosis language patterns.

Much more than just a set of memorized language patterns, these are specific skills and tools that will allow you to not only dig deep beneath her surface, to discover exactly what motivates her, but also use your language to create a wonderful framework, where she is. literally begging to enter your world.

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