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Review: B. Posen and A. Ross, “Competing Visions for US Grand Strategy”

Selective Engagement maintains that the United States has an interest in powers that have substantial industrial and military potential. Areas of concern, under the concept of selective participation, are the Middle East for its oil resources, Europe and Asia for its major powers, and regional competitions between small states with the potential to stimulate competition […]

What you need to know about probiotics

Probiotics are edible products that contain the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the digestive system. In the digestive tract, bacteria help complete the digestive process. They also help in the production of vitamins. Types of probiotics There are many types of bacteria that are classified as probiotics, but most of them fall into two main groups: […]

Ear clipping laws in the state of Pennsylvania

In January 2009, the Pennsylvania House passed a law on what supporters of the law call cruelty to animals. This law was a knee-jerk reaction to the killing of 80 dogs by Ammon and Elmer Zimmerman, breeders in Berks County, Pennsylvania. At the time it was perfectly legal to kill your dog in Pennsylvania. Rather […]

4 places to park in a Cincinnati Reds game for $ 2 or less

Free parking is available in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. You really just need to know where to look. Let’s start with the $ 2 garage. 1. If you’re stingy like me, one of the best places to park is the garage on 6th St. near Broadway. The great part is that it is never crowded. […]

Commercial Real Estate 2010 – Rebounding or Decline?

Like much of the American economy, the commercial real estate market has fallen in recent years. However, according to Moody’s Investor Service, US commercial retail prices have seen modest increases from November 2009 to January 2010. This is from a record low in October 2009. Is this the start of a recovery for commercial real […]

10 ideas for the theme of the dance

Planning your school’s prom? Here are some issues to consider. Remember, you need to choose a graduation theme that creates a beautiful atmosphere and looks great in photos. Use interesting backgrounds and accessories and pay attention to lighting and details. Enchanted Forest Set a romantic evening atmosphere with beautiful tree backgrounds and dazzling Northern Lights. […]

How A Bike Tour Is Worth More Than 3K In Facebook Ads

Why should a bike ride be worth more than 3K on Facebook ads? A bike tour for your guests doesn’t cost three thousand dollars. It’s not even close to $ 200. However, although hotels and resorts charge only a moderate fee for a bike tour, it is worth much more than one might imagine. Guests […]