Pet-friendly hotels: a new trend in hospitality

If you and your family have pets, leaving them home for the holidays can be difficult. Putting your animals in a kennel can be expensive, but it can be difficult to find someone to take care of pets at home. Fortunately, there is a solution. Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more popular in many cities.

Pet-friendly hotels allow travelers to take their animal friends with them rather than house them in a kennel or hire a sitter to stay with them during the trip. These places are dedicated to making animals comfortable while giving owners the peace of mind of knowing their animals are safe and well fed.

Some luxury establishments even treat the animals like miniature VIPs, catering to their every whim and pampering them. For example, they may have a special room service menu for animals, leave toys in all rooms, and provide special dog and cat beds that will give the animals a good night’s sleep. A hotel in Seattle even has animal psychiatrists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists on staff to really pamper the pets that come to stay there.

An establishment in California has a “Happy Hour” where dog owners can take their dogs to a special area for a play session. These events are a great way for dogs to run and tire while their owners socialize. Some venues have even hired “Animal Relations Directors” who plan special events and discover new services and offers that will make animals feel at home.

Some pet-friendly hotels have also started providing replacement animals for those travelers who were forced to leave their four-legged friends at home. For example, the Burnham in Chicago has begun offering goldfish for guests, as has the SoHo Grand in New York. Some establishments have even started offering cats or dogs to guests who want the company of an animal during their stay. The goal is to make guests feel more at home and work to ease the pain that comes with leaving a dear animal friend at home.

These pet-friendly hotels can accommodate devoted animal lovers by requiring a non-refundable deposit from guests who bring animals with them. This allows them to provide extra services and also repair any damage that animals can cause, such as chewing on furniture, scratching the carpets or urinating inside the room.

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