Salabrasion Tattoo Removal: Is It Right For Me?

Salabrasion is the oldest form of tattoo removal and is probably one of the most painful ways to remove tattoos. Today there are better options, which do not involve so much discomfort and do not leave as much scar.

What is the Salabrasion process?

You can consider salabrasion similar to sanding down your arm until it’s red and the colors are completely removed.

The process specifically involves rubbing the surface of the skin with coarse granules of table salt until the superficial dermis (the top layer of skin) is abraded to the point of being red and incredibly sore.

Then more salt is applied to the wound and a bandage is applied. Your wound then receives a 24-hour respite before a second, third, and even fourth session.

The disadvantages of Salabrasion

First of all, the method is very painful and certainly not for those who are squeamish or sensitive to pain. As I described above, it’s a long, drawn-out process that involves numerous “scrubbing” sessions on the skin’s surface.

How long does it take to cure?

The healing process can take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks if the process is not done correctly. This can put the patient in a position of quite severe discomfort, so some form of anesthesia or pain relievers are helpful.


It is generally not preferable to use this tattoo removal method on areas that are visible because the scars can be incredibly ugly. Also, you should definitely have full trust in your doctor because the procedure is not simple or straightforward and any wrong act can lead to excessive scarring.

So how should I remove my tattoos?

Your other options are laser surgery, which is incredibly expensive and requires several sessions before tattoos are removed, or surgical excision, which is where a surgeon takes a tattoo scalpel and closes the wound with stitches. Both methods can actually be quite expensive.

There are also new methods that may be worth investigating. Some guides now promise 60-day money-back guarantees on procedures you can use to remove your tattoo yourself that are painless and much less expensive. I advise you to investigate these before making the jump to much more expensive and painful tattoo removal options.

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