Some cheap ideas of healthy recipes to make at home for busy people

Let’s face it, we’re all busy, overextended, tired. Whether you’re working at school, supporting a family, a single mom, or a working couple, your life and time are heavily taxed. Companies like fast food giants know this and exploit it. They are aware that the idea of ​​slaving away on the kitchen stove after a long day while children run around screaming is a dread that most people live with every day, and as such they offer you an alternative. Economical, the 5-minute meal costs $10 with no cleaning or preparation involved.

I’ve seen this so many times, a tired overwhelmed mother taking her kids to MacDonald’s or similar to feed them and avoid the hassle of shopping, prepping, cooking, coaxing the kids to eat and then the horrible clean up at the end. I am truly sorry for you, but I am also concerned about the health of our nation’s children as they grow up on this type of diet. So for that reason, I sat down and made this short list of some very healthy and tasty meals that are both cost effective and will consume very little of your time. I hope they will be of some help in lightening your already overburdened load.

1. Sushi rolls
These are super easy to make and can make up anything from a lunch meal to a full dinner. Prep time is minimal, cleanup time is hardly an issue, and the health benefits are through the roof.

This is how you do it!

What do you need:

o Nori sheets (seaweed squares)

or cooked rice

o Cut some cucumbers into sticks

o A small plate with soy sauce

o Your choice of seafood

I tend to use the following for my sushi nights:

Crab meat – comes in long strips and is easy to roll into sushi rolls

Hotate (scallops): see salmon, plus these are a great source of energy.

Salmon: I love salmon

Muscles: tasty as hell

Tuna with some light mayonnaise – great for kids if they don’t like the idea of ​​fish.

Now making this type of sushi is similar to a burrito, just start with the Nori, add some rice, then add your choice of raw seafood and cucumber sticks, fold the nori like a burrito, lightly dip it in the sauce. soy and enjoy. .

Note that you can also use leftovers like chicken, roast beef, etc. to prepare them for the children’s lunches the next day. The concept is sushi, but there are many applications.

2. Simple stir fry.

Take some basic vegetables; I use cabbage, bean sprouts, chickpeas and carrot (thinly sliced)

Some fine cuts of meat, I prefer chicken but any will do.

udon paste

Soy sauce


Cook the meat with a modest amount of soy, until almost done, add the vegetables, when the vegetables start to cook, add a small cup of water to create a soup, then add the udon, cook for a few more minutes. Serve with rice on the side. This dish takes me about 20 minutes to prepare in total. Simple tasty and healthy.

There are a couple of ideas for now, I will be adding more detailed recipes to my INFORM 4 FREE diet pages every few weeks, so feel free to drop by and look for more simple healthy meal ideas, there are quite a few up there already.

Eat healthy, save money, and enjoy mealtime together.

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