Teens should be allowed to work during school holidays. What is your opinion?

Today, it is not unreasonable to see many teenagers working part-time as promoters or saleswomen during school holidays. Parents are willing to allow their children to work part-time to have a good school vacation without wasting time browsing the Internet and playing computer games. However, some parents do not allow their children to work part-time because they have the fallacy of thinking that their children are not mature enough to work. In my opinion, I partially agree that teenagers should be allowed to work during school holidays because teenagers can earn their own pocket money, learn extensive knowledge from work, and teenagers’ academic performance will suffer. .

School holidays are defined as a period for students to rest and stay away from their school routines. Whereas, work is known as physical or mental activities performed to fulfill tasks and is rewarded in monetary terms. One of the points I will highlight is that teens can earn pocket money by working during school vacations. For example, those who work as promoters in shopping centers can earn RM5 per hour as additional income. Therefore, the burden on their parents can be reduced as adolescents do not need to ask their parents for pocket money for daily expenses. Teens can even save the money they earn working to buy the reference books and stationery they need. Therefore, parents should not worry about school fees, as their children can pay on their own. Teens can also afford to buy things they crave, like phones, laptops, and shoes. In short, teens should be able to work during school holidays because of the extra income they can earn.

In addition, teenagers can gain extensive knowledge by working during school holidays. It is because of the fact that they will have the opportunity to be exposed to working life at an early age. Therefore, they will have more experience and know the ways of dealing with people of different social and financial backgrounds. They also know how to cooperate with other people to complete assigned tasks. Therefore, you can improve your social skills, a criterion for reaching the stars in your future jobs. They will be able to clearly express their ideas to their colleagues and supervisors. Teens can also learn ways to use their time well, as they need to complete the jobs assigned to them by their supervisors in a set amount of time. This way they will learn to be punctual. They will become more independent as they will have to find effective ways to solve any problems they face at work. In short, the knowledge of students can be broadened through work and therefore teenagers must work during their school holidays.

However, teens shouldn’t spend most of their school vacations working part-time because their academic performance can suffer. Teens should spend their school vacations attending more classes or seminars and doing more screenings. As a result, they can prepare and perform better in their studies. Conversely, if teens spend most of their time working, they won’t have time to do reference book reviews and exercises because teens who are tired after work can’t focus on their studies. Hence, teens who do not do their check-ups during their school holidays will find it difficult to catch up on their studies when the next semester resumes. Your academic results will deteriorate due to lack of reviews. In short, teenagers should not work during their school holidays as this will disrupt their academic performance.

In conclusion, adolescents should be given indulgence to work during school holidays so that they can earn additional income and expand their knowledge. On the contrary, it is undeniable that working part-time during school holidays can affect your academic performance. Therefore, adolescents must tirelessly strive to balance needs and wants so that they can do well academically.

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