The 9 Best Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

There are many foods that you should never give your dog. Some foods aren’t even that good for people, but dogs always seem to want what we’re eating. And how can you resist that begging little face? You know, the one that practically says “pleeeeaaaaasssse.” But, before you give in to that K-9 buddy of yours, take a look at this list and make sure you never give your dog any of these foods.

1. Chocolate. It is toxic to dogs and tops the list of foods you should never give your dog. Baking chocolate is the worst and white chocolate is the least harmful, but avoid giving your dog anything no matter how much he begs!

2. Grapes and raisins. These can cause kidney failure. You’d think these little morsels would be fine and even fun for your dog to eat, especially grapes because they roll around and your dog can chase them, but they can also be very deadly.

3. Onions are very bad for a dog’s digestive system, especially in large quantities, so avoid them in any quantity.

4. Bones. They are probably a dog’s favorite food, which is why this is the most amazing of all the foods you should never give your dog. They can chew, chew, chew and then bury and dig them up for later. But the truth is, bones can splinter and lodge in your dog’s intestines or even puncture them. Dogs can also choke on bone fragments. And it’s not just chicken bones. This is true for any bone.

5. Milk and milk products. An enzyme called lactose is needed to digest them, but dogs don’t have enough. Although dogs love ice cream, it’s a no-no for them.

6. Sugary and processed foods. Yes, people eat a lot of those things. This is why so many humans are obese and the weight loss industry is so lucrative. Dogs don’t digest these foods very well, so stick to healthy, nutritious, whole foods (good advice for people, too!).

7. Artificial sweeteners and artificial fats are bad for dogs. In fact, they don’t actually need flavor enhancers to enjoy their food. They are happy with food cooked just the way it is.

8. Any spicy or rich food can hurt your dog’s stomach. And just like #7 above, your dog doesn’t need any spices or seasonings in his food to encourage him to gobble it up.

9. And this is the last of the foods you should never give your dog. This one is hard because so many people do it. Rather than throw away food that is going bad, many dog ​​owners feed it to their dog. Somehow it is believed that dogs can tolerate this better than people. The fact is that you are putting your dog’s health at risk by giving him food that he should throw away.

Keep these important guidelines in mind any time you consider sharing table scraps or snacks with your dog. Fortunately, there are many human foods that are good and healthy for dogs. In fact, there are many dog ​​food and treat recipes that you can make with them. Just make sure the foods you should never give your dog, listed above, are not in any of them.

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