The secrets hidden in Braid

Tim has screwed him up big time. Such a serious mistake that now he has to rescue his princess from an evil monster. But, of course, he has to traverse many different worlds, risking his life and limb for the sake of his love. Once you have completed a new world, the worlds open. The story, told through a series of books as a kind of story booster before each of the six worlds, conveys Tim’s inner thoughts and the fight that devours him.

In the Xbox Arcade game Braid, you play as this saddened but always true hero Tim. In this mainly puzzle action game, there are many puzzles that are as difficult to implement as they are to solve.

Most of these games do not have cheat codes because as soon as you find out how the puzzle works, a new puzzle is formed in the way you plan to execute it to overcome it. But there are things you can do to see more of the story.

Unlock world 1 and the epilogue

In the house at the beginning of the game where the level selection area is, there is a broken ladder that leads to the attic. This needs to be fixed. To repair this ladder, you must find the 60 puzzle pieces that await you in each level and assemble the puzzle of each world in the puzzle minigame. Once this is done, the ladder will be restored. Now you can go up. When you go through the door, you will be in world 1. Defeat world 1 and you will be taken directly to the epilogue. You can now return at any time after you’re done by walking left from the title screen, into an off-screen slot.

Unlock Final Star and Secret Ending

Throughout the game, there are 7 secret stars. If you collect them all, the eighth and final star will appear on the last level; When this happens, some of the level switches will become immune to time manipulation, allowing you to reach the star and change the outcome of the chase.

Hidden texts in the epilogue

Aside from the last one, each room in the Epilogue has at least one object that you can stand behind. If you have the red book on that screen open and the text in it is displayed in midair, standing behind these objects in the proper location will cause a sound to play and the text to change, revealing more information. If you open a green book, the red book will be closed and the text will disappear, so you will have to use time manipulation to see the 4 secret writings.

Now that you know what you have to do and you want to know how to go through the game and suggestions on how to get all the pieces of the puzzle, or how to find all the secret stars to access the secret ending, but you can find tutorials, forums and other suggestions in : xboxcheatcodes.

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