The truth about the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus was released on September 19, 2014 along with the iPhone 6. The differences between these phones are mainly in the screen size and pixel resolution. Some people are unsure if this is enough to justify the price increase that comes with buying the iPhone 6 Plus. And even more people wonder if the iPhone 6 plus is superior to other phones on the market. Let’s take a look at what the 6 Plus offers.

The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch diagonal screen. This is very convenient because you never have to worry about having too small a screen when it comes to viewing videos or images. The size isn’t huge either, as you can’t even fit the phone inside your pocket. The 6 Plus fits comfortably in your pocket if you are an average man who wears skinny jeans. Most of the time, you can keep your 6 Plus inside your coat pocket anyway if you live in a colder area where the climate calls for these types of clothing. One problem regarding size is that it is difficult to operate the phone with one hand. There’s a one-handed feature that lets you lower the middle of the screen so icons are easily accessible, but even then it’s hard to get around on the phone if you have average-sized hands. Most of the time you will use the 6 Plus with two hands, it is possible to write with one hand, but it is very slow unless your hands are very large.

The screen resolution looks excellent on the 6 Plus. When you first pick it up, everything looks very sharp and clear on the screen. If you take proper care of your iPhone, you can enjoy a good screen for the next several months while using your phone. If you don’t take good care of your iPhone and it accumulates smudges on the screen, the screen won’t look as good.

Setting up the iPhone 6 Plus is very simple. iOS in general is very easy to operate and straightforward. Just plug in the phone and you will be given instructions on how to get started. There is a fingerprint feature that allows you to avoid typing in your passcode if you want to unlock your phone, just place your fingertip on the home button and you can gain access. Again, this feature is very easy to configure.

The iPhone 6 Plus camera takes good quality photos. It is an 8 megapixel camera; Amazing images look good on iPhone 6 Plus. There is not much need to change any settings, everything is done automatically while taking photos so that you can enjoy taking photos immediately after purchasing the phone. However, the video could be a bit better, and if you’re taking photos in low light it may be a bit more difficult to get a clearer image.

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