Trivita products: real value or expensive fuss?

Trivita Products … Are you telling me that there is more to Trivita health and wellness products than Nopalea? In reality, Nopalea is the spectacular new flagship product of the more than 10-year-old TriVita company, founded in 1999, CEO Michael Ellison, a company that has an additional 24 products listed on the company’s website.

Before we examine what kind of quality and value Trivita offers in the health and wellness industry, let’s take a look at precisely WHAT types of products they offer. The company’s website allows you to classify Trivita products in two ways: by category and by health concern. I found this to be very beneficial as they have 25 products that address different health concerns. The categories are:

  • fundamental nutrition
  • targeted nutrition
  • weight loss and
  • for children.

If you choose to order Trivita Products Through the tab “sort by health problem”, the following list will be presented for you to choose from:

  • healthy blood sugar
  • for children
  • detox
  • healthy bones
  • joint care
  • your daily base
  • energy, endurance and recovery
  • healthy heart
  • healthy immune system
  • men’s health
  • mind, memory and mood
  • relief from pain and inflammation
  • to sleep
  • stress relief
  • vision
  • weightloss
  • women’s health

Considering the list above, it seems that Trivita products cover a fairly wide range of health concerns for most people, and maybe even some that you might not have thought you could find a supplement for. So what are these 24 products that complete the Trivita product line alongside the new Sonoran Bloom Nopalea? To keep things simple, I’m going to list them by category, and they are as follows:

Fundamental nutrition:

  • HCY Guard®
  • OmegaPrime®
  • Sublingual B-12 and Super Sublingual B-12
  • VitaDaily AM / PM ™
  • Vital C
  • Wellavoh®

Targeted nutrition:

  • Adaptogen 10 Plus®
  • Balanced woman
  • Bone growth factor
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Energy Now!
  • GlucoManage®
  • Joint complex
  • Nopalea ™
  • Peaceful Sleep ™
  • Prostate Health Formula ™
  • Quick-Relief ™ Gel
  • Super Antioxidant Complex ™
  • VisionGuard ™
  • VitaCal-Mag D


  • Appetite control Leanology®
  • Leanology® Nutritional Shake
  • Leanology® Weight Loss Capsules

For children:

  • TriVita® Children’s Multivitamin

Alright, there seem to be a lot of interesting products from Trivita, but the important question here is: are they quality products with real value, or are they just the same types of products you’d expect to find at Walmart or Costco? Do they come with a larger price tag attached? Usually that is one of the first questions people ask, whether they are considering the company as a customer or as a network marketer. So let’s examine Trivita’s claims that make its health and wellness products stand out from the competition.

As for Nopalea, the new shining star of Trivita products, it really has no competition when it comes to its’ main ingredient to speak of … yet. But what about the rest of your products? What distinguishes them?

To enable them to deliver on their promises to produce cutting-edge quality products, Trivita developed and claims to “rigorously follow strict adherence to a code of quality, integrity, and innovation … called our 10 Core Values.” Are here:

  • Physician Approved Formulas
  • Unique delivery systems
  • Controlled laboratory studies
  • Purest natural ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical grade quality
  • Third party testing and certification
  • Quality-controlled packaging and production
  • Dedicated to product innovation
  • Medical Advisory Board
  • 60-day full satisfaction guarantee

How long Trivita has been in business, since 1999, speaks volumes about the quality and even value of Trivita products. If they were to take out garbage or a lot of inflated price products with no real value, they would have doubled down and followed the path of many other health and wellness companies that have gone up and down over the years. So the evidence would suggest that Trivita does make products that have value and merit.

With that conclusion established here in this Trivita products review, the fact remains that if you are building a Trivita business, having great products, while very important, is in no way, shape, or form guarantee your success. You can literally have the most fantastic products in the world, but if you don’t understand marketing, if you don’t understand how to harness the internet like the top earners in this industry are doing, then you’re doomed to join the 97% of network marketers who fail. in this industry.

But it is also true that it does not have to be this way. While researching the mlm company you are considering joining, be sure to do your research to find a generic marketing system that you can connect to so that you can immediately start making money with whatever mlm company you choose to team up with. with. That’s really the key to mlm success … you need the whole package, and not just one look. So get busy, do your research, and make things happen!

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