What am I really risking without a secure Internet connection?

Whether it’s checking social media, answering emails, or simply watching cat videos on YouTube, we use the internet every day, often across multiple devices. We depend on the web to stay connected with friends and family, as well as being a fundamental tool for business. Just as much of our lives have moved onto the information superhighway, so has a new generation of risk. While most people are aware of the nebulous threat of identity theft, there is much more to worry about. These days, having a secure internet connection is absolutely critical, not only to keep your credit cards safe, but also to keep your business moving and your privacy protected.

Investment webcam

Every new laptop comes equipped with a webcam. This is great for video conferencing, interviewing, chatting, and simple video blogging. However, intrepid hackers have recently learned how to make their webcam a two-way street. In fact, they can access their laptop through the Internet and look inside their bedroom or office through their webcam. While blocking the webcam can easily thwart this spying, it is highly impractical. Laptops are designed to be mobile, to be opened and closed regularly. When your laptop is constantly moving, it is unlikely that you will always have something close by that is blocking the camera. Also, many laptop computer owners are teenagers and college students. Kids just don’t understand the dangers of the internet and will rarely make blocking their laptop’s camera a priority. You have to assume that when your kid’s laptop is open, the chamber is open to attack.

Network stability

With the advent of cloud computing, having a secure internet has never been more important. A secure connection just means that your network is safe from hackers. It also means that your connection to the web is less likely to suddenly become unavailable. Most of the information is now stored in the cloud, be it a business proposal or a shopping list. An unstable connection will make the cloud inaccessible to you, which means that whatever work you were doing will stall until you can reconnect. If you work from home, you cannot afford to have your workday interrupted regularly. You need to be able to store your work, quickly download new assignments, and have the stability to get your tasks done in a timely manner.

Standard Internet warnings shouldn’t be ignored either. Email viruses get more sneaky every year. Clicking the wrong link can deliver a devastating virus to your computer and corrupt all your data. When your computer is connected to a poorly secured network, that virus can spread to all other devices on the network.

It cannot be understated how important a secure Internet connection is to families and business owners. Your information is too readily available to risk never being a target. Even if you never meet a criminal, there are groups of bored teenagers with the skills to shut down servers just to pass the time. Make sure you are protected from anything that comes your way by keeping your access to the web as secure as possible.

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