World of Warcraft: How To Fish Your Way To Wealth (3 of 3)

Fishing for cooking is going to be your bread and butter. Most of the people in World of Warcraft are simply too lazy to go out fishing or cooking on their own. They prefer to buy it. This is where you come in as an entrepreneur. Fish for them, cook for them and make them pay.

The real money in fishing is cooking the fish you catch and selling the product at the auction house. Most of the fish you catch can be cooked, but not all of them have auction house value. The ones you want to sell are the ones that provide some kind of “profit” when cooked.

Low-end “Buff” fish

Bloodfin Catfish – Open Water in Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman

Huge Barbed Gill Trout – Outlands (Rare)

Lightning Eel – Old World zones 50-60, best captured between noon and 6pm server time

Great Raw Sage – Alterac Mountains and Stranglethorn Valley

Raw Nightfin Snapper – Old World zones 50-60, best captured between noon and 6pm server time

Spotted Feltail: Pools and Open Water in Terokkar Forest and Zangar Marsh

Winter Squid – Coastal open waters in Azharara, Feralas, Hinterlands, Stranglethorn Valley. You can only fish in winter (September – March)

Big money fish

Crescent Tail Skullfish – Open Water Deadwind Pass and Zul’Aman

Figluster Mudfish – Negrand and Netherstorm

Furious Crawdad – Terokkar Forest’s elevated lakes, only mixed highland schools, you need a flying mount, max fishing skill and lots of Aquadynamic fish attractors. You need a modified 500 fishing skill to prevent “your fish got away”.

Golden Darter – Terokkar Forest

Huge Spotted Feltail – Outland (Rare)

Icefin Bluefish – Nagrand, Nether Storm

Zangaria Sporefish – Zangarmarsh

Fishing is a skill that most of World of Warcraft overlooks. I’ve been taking advantage of fishing since I started playing in beta 1 and have reaped the rewards. I spend 8-10 hours a week fishing and typically collect around 1,000 gold for my efforts. Should I spend time fishing … YES!

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