You have descended from greatness

Why is it necessary to have a burning desire for an abundant life?

Imagine what it was like for our first ancestors. They would wake up and feel hungry in their stomachs.

They couldn’t go to the convenience store, they couldn’t order pizza, and there probably wasn’t any leftovers from the night before.

Now, sometimes they were lucky enough to have found some fruit or roots or something, but most of the time, they didn’t have squats.

Which meant that every day they had to get up and go kill something.

And guess what? That creature they intended to kill really didn’t agree that it was a good idea to sacrifice its life for a stinky caveman.

Now, if those early cavemen and cavewomen only had a passive wish, or hoped to find something, they wouldn’t have tried very hard.

After all, running across the landscape behind a group of zebras is pretty scary. There are other creatures out there too. Some of them are not that friendly to cave people.

Only those who had a strong, relentless and never-ending burning desire were the ones who succeeded.

A burning desire that was stronger than any kind of obstacle they encountered.

And everything they saw that indicated they were getting closer (like footprints or droppings) only kindled their burning desire even more.

They weren’t worried about taking risks. They did not sit and wait for someone to “prove” to them that this hunting system worked. They did not argue in the cave about the method of betting to hold his spear, or the best angle to approach.

They simply went after their meal, fully knowing that they would have to figure out what to do along the way.

Some of the things they tried worked, some didn’t. They didn’t care. With a strong enough burning desire, they KNEW they would succeed.

And you too.

The truth about wealth creation is that it is not easy, it is not magic and it is not quick.

It is as dangerous and uncertain as our ancestors chasing fleeing zebras.

But guess that?

Unless you keep chasing, keep moving, someone else is going to kill those zebras.

Sure, there might be some ancient cave dwellers who believed that if they said the right statements and did the right meditations, a zebra would fall from the sky. But I’m pretty sure those guys didn’t last long.

Those who did, are YOUR ancestors. Since you are reading this now, you already have the potential for a HUGE, relentless burning desire programmed into your DNA.

Just as your ancestors were successful, so will you.

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