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What type of ice machine does Sonic use? The burning question, answered

If you’ve ever been to Sonic or any other restaurant that offers the unique nugget ice that Sonic offers, you’ve probably wondered at one point or another, “What kind of ice machine does Sonic use?” The gem-sized frozen and chewy treats can be eaten on their own and also work well for chilling your drinks. […]

Get out of debt for less with interest rate arbitration

The average American family has 10 credit cards and more than $ 15,000 of credit card debt. Almost half of these households have trouble making minimum monthly payments, and some use plastic to cover daily living expenses, such as food, gasoline, and latte in the morning. Late payment fees and over-the-limit fees are increasing, with […]

The difference between a workstation and an office desk

Work environments are very important as they contribute to the quality and enrichment of work performance. The entity that houses the projects we work on and the space we need to complete these tasks is also important. While some people prefer the traditional office desk, others are more open to the more modern desktop / […]

Tips to optimize the management of the auto parts catalog

Please upload product data carefully Challenges like inaccurate product data, multiple formats, and category mapping can make online catalog management difficult. Therefore, to adhere to certain guidelines, you need to collect every detail and be consistent across channels. You could spend some time reviewing the white papers to give you an idea of ​​how to […]

Bedroom Matters – Things your husband wants in the bedroom

In this section, I’ll open your eyes to what men generally want their wives to do to them in the bedroom. This will come down to your husband’s specific needs that you need to know in order to give him the best to satisfy all your bedroom wishes. 1. Emotion: Men generally want their wives […]

Don’t be lazy, plan your daily goals

Taking each work day, step by step, is the easiest way to be successful. You will be able to teach yourself a routine. Not only that, you will teach yourself, don’t be lazy. Procrastination is the key to anyone’s failure. Laziness can take over, if you’re not careful. Your main objective when starting any business […]

5 good financial tips for newlyweds

Your wedding vows bind you and your spouse with an emotional and financial bond that you need to strengthen throughout your lives together. Therefore, ordering your financial situation as newlyweds will lead to a life of marital financial happiness. After all, financial security is just as important as emotional well-being among married couples. Here are […]

The French Lieutenant’s Wife – John Fowles

It was Harold Pinter’s brilliant film that led me to read The French Lieutenant’s Wife. The haunting image of the mythical, motionless figure dressed in black, gazing out to sea at the edge of The Cobb, sets the stage for an incredibly beautiful film. I first read the book in 1981. The copy was old, […]