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The 2010 Chevy Malibu Gets Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The 2010 Chevy Malibu is packed with power and performance while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. The Malibu is available in four different versions; the LS, 1LT, 2LT and LTZ. Each style uses the 169-horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder Ecotec variable valve timing (VVT) engine. However, only the LS comes with a 4-speed automatic transmission. All other trim […]

What do you write about in a blog?

Sometimes bloggers forget to consider why they are writing a blog post. Their ‘why’ for each blog post is probably one of the most important aspects of blogging. Taking the time to plan your blog posts ahead of time based on the season, events, and product promotions will help you remember why you’re writing each […]

Infusers – Great gift items for these upcoming holidays

Gift-giving season is fast approaching. Surely you are thinking about what item you can give to your loved ones. Great gift items will include something they can use and appreciate, something that will make them happy, or something that will remind them of you. In fact, you have many options. Most of the time, it […]

How to lose weight fast – Calorie controlled diet

First, it would probably be a good idea to see what is increasing our fat levels so we can look at ways to reduce it. The simplest explanation is that we begin to gain weight if our calorie intake is greater than the number of calories we burn through some form of physical activity. Basically, […]

Douglas Colt – Georgetown University alumnus

In May 2000, Douglas Colt graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC. Georgetown Law was the first law school established in the United States by a Jesuit institution of higher learning. Douglas Colt received a Juris Doctor, which is considered the first postgraduate professional degree and is a professional doctorate in law. Furthermore, […]

Floral Design Tip: The Importance of Greening

What is greening? “Greening” is a term florists use to explain the process of adding foliage to a flower arrangement. It is usually the first step in the design process because most florists use greening as an opportunity to create the shape of their design. It can be seen as providing the foundation, structure, or […]

Hand Shy, Head Shy – 7 Steps to Help Your Dog Overcome This Behavior

Many dogs, most often puppies that have not been handled by the breeder, or animals that have been abused or rescued from shelters, get scared out of hand. This is especially true of a hand going to your face or going over your head. Unfortunately, they can’t tell you what negative experience they had with […]

Ways to encourage tenants to use online rent payment

Property managers understand the stress related to the rent payment due date. Tenants are rushing to their office to beat their deadline as managers try to keep track of residents who couldn’t pay. They need to deposit checks in the bank and wait for payments that other tenants mail. If this seems like an endless […]

Bookmaker’s Free Sports Betting Offers: Are They Really Worth It?

For the past decade, as online gambling has flourished, the bookmaker has been desperately trying to outdo their competitors and link you to their site. Gone are the days of Ladbrookes, William Hill and even domination of Coral’s high streets, replaced by a quick and easy way to bet. These three big names have joined […]

British Virgin Islands Boat Tour – British Virgin Islands Beaches by Boat

If your idea of ​​the perfect beach bar is a palm-fringed beach with thatched tower watering holes, you’ll never find a better collection of them than in the British Virgin Islands. Why? The sun, the sand, the incredible water… and access to them by boat. The US Virgin Islands have amazing beaches – think Magen’s […]