Communication skills – Observation and listening skills

Being able to observe and gather information is probably the most important basic skill you can learn if you want to improve your social skills… This is because it is the foundation of all communication skills. What you say is obviously important, but if you don’t know what’s going on in front of you, then […]

Toilet Humor: Novelty Items and the Psychology of Toilet Comedy

Bathroom humor has been around for years and is especially strong among many college students and people with a comedic gift for offbeat jokes. novelty toilet items. So what is it that draws a person to decking out their bathroom with toilet paper imprinted with barbed wire? If we analyze the personality type that has […]

Funny poems for kids – My dad poems will make you and your family smile!

My dad is 71 years old and he is retired. He was a fitter and turner by trade and preached in his spare time. He has been happily married for 39 years this year and has been my hero my whole life. Nobody builds stuff like him either. If my dad made a shelf, you […]

Dietary Fiber: Is Processed “Fake” Fiber Added By Food Manufacturers Good For You?

American food manufacturers know that smart, health-conscious consumers want more fiber. Consequently, they are adding fiber to just about anything that comes in a container. This includes ice cream, shakes, yogurt, juice, snack bars, cookies, cakes, pasta, brownies, drinks, dietary supplements, and even jelly beans. The higher the grams of fiber, the better! A good […]

Krav Maga Instructor – Which one will you choose?

When looking for a Krav Maga (KM) instructor, who should you listen to? Moni Azik with Commando Krav Maga or David Kahn with Israel Krav Maga? Or should you follow the Krav Maga style of Alain Cohen or Darren Levine? Each is a master in this field, but each has a different method of instruction. […]

Benefits of adware programs

Adware are basically programs that disrupt your computer by showing annoying symptoms of banners, pop-ups and all kinds of advertisements on your computer. It may collect personal information and data and transmit it over the Internet without your knowledge. People who do a lot of transactions over the Internet, e-marketing, e-commerce, or Internet banking are […]

Cages for Guinea Pigs – Characteristics of C&C Cages

What is a C&C cage? First of all, I mention the phrase C&C box in the title of this article. This is the cage construction technology that has become increasingly popular in recent years. C&C stands for Cubes and Coroplast – the two main components used to design and build this type of cage. actually […]

Be careful what you call an older applicant

Calling an older applicant a derogatory name may be age discrimination and grounds for a complaint or lawsuit. The following is a list, in alphabetical order, of some names not to call your employees or candidates. It doesn’t matter if there is no malicious intent or if the comments were a joke or an endearment. […]

Will the shortened season affect NBA salaries?

In a typical year, October brings with it the start of another basketball season. Fans from Florida to California pour into stadiums and fill the stadium seats with their cheers, jerseys and bags of popcorn. In 2011, this was not exactly the case. Arenas, locker rooms and practice facilities were empty and silent as players […]