Snacks in Orange County, CA Anyone? let’s meet in

My husband and I love to try new dishes and Happy Hour gives us the perfect opportunity. Now we’ve never been to Spain, but its tradition of tapas, or small plates, is said to be a lot like our happy hours here in Orange County, California. The best part about attending these events is that […]

spring break negril jamaica

When it comes to planning that perfect vacation, let’s not forget the planning that college students do every year too. This means planning your spring break. There are some students who cannot afford to vacation anywhere outside of the United States. But there are also those who can afford to travel longer distances. Whether they […]

Thoughts from Sky Yaeger of Swobo aka “The Bike Chick”

Sky Yaeger has made his mark on the bicycle world since the 1970s. His years at Bianchi brought us industry-shattering models like the “Milano” and the “San Jose.” He also introduced the world’s first production single speed ATBs (Bianchi BOSS, BASS, BUSS, MUSS, DISS, SISS, SASS, WUSS, GUSS, MUSS and LEWIS). Since he joined Swobo […]

Mauritania remains the last undiscovered country in Africa

My most powerful personal memory of Mauritania is walking for two or three hours on a beach not far from the northern tip of Nouakchott for several hours and not meeting a single human being. Mauritania is a very large country with a very small population. This sandy desert nation in the northwest of the […]

Sales tips and philosophies that apply to all sellers (not just real estate)

Everybody wants to be the teacher. This is a very important concept and if used well it can give you good information and build a good relationship with your customer. For example, when qualifying a buyer, ask open-ended questions about his job or the area he lives in. Expose your life. As far as getting […]

Hot air balloons: different techniques to consider

Hot air balloons are totally one of the best things people can do. It is the activity of flying hot air balloons. The attractive aspects of ballooning also include the exceptional tranquility. It’s totally silent, except the propane burners are turning off. The lack of movement and the bird’s eye view. Since the hot air […]

Rays of the Tampa Bay devil! New look, new name, making some deals, and possibly a new field!

Ownership of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now just the Tampa Bay Rays) is possibly taking a turn with this franchise. I’m a huge Rays fan and over its short existence I’ve come to the conclusion that every season we start, it’s not going to be a good one. However, the tides may be turning. […]

Top 10 Ways to Surprise Her on Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day; the day when men secretly love to hate. Since she comes every year without fail, why not accept it this time and give her an amazing surprise to show her that you not only remember the wonderful day of love, but also care about her and want to show her? If you […]