5 reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Bournemouth

With miles and miles of golden sands, as well as enough attractions to fill a month, let alone a weekend, Bournemouth is the perfect getaway for Valentine’s Day. Once famous for its retirement homes and slow-paced atmosphere, Bournemouth is now best recognized as a modern yet laid-back haven with something for everyone. From long leisurely […]

Marilyn Monroe fraud lawsuit victory: how an American legend defends himself from his crypt

Marilyn Monroe’s legacy has experienced many victories in the past week, including one scheduled for today, May 7, 2007. Today would have been the scheduled hearing in the lawsuit filed against defendants Robert W. Otto of Chicago, Mark Roesler of CMG Worldwide, and The Queen Mary Corporation by the expert witness and the Bellinghaus team […]

Gold Diggers: How To Spot Them And Get Rid Of Them

The dating game is like a field full of land mines. It is very difficult to navigate, especially with so many obstacles around. You have the serial daters, the women in need, and the crazy ones. And then you have the most hated women of all, the gold diggers. Gold prospectors are a fierce bunch. […]

Vacations in Puerto Rico can be lovely

Vacations in Puerto Rico – Fun and Relaxation Which Caribbean destination has quickly become a favorite choice for savvy travelers? Vacation adventure reservations in Puerto Rico reflect the wide variety of activities that the island offers. And island vacation options that are perfect for everyone’s lodging needs can be found, from budget-friendly hotels to their […]