Consumer alert! – Three Types of Life Insurance You Probably Don’t Need

American consumers face an overwhelming set of financial options throughout their lives. Investment, legal and risk management considerations continue to multiply decade after decade. However, many of the options available are not good options. In the world of life insurance, there are three products that stand out as not being appropriate for the majority of […]

Role of banks in international trade

It is impossible to be in international trade without involving your bank for all the services they provide, such as advice on financial matters and the possible risks involved. It is true that a critical obstacle for SMEs is the lack of information on international trade processes, documentation and banking procedures necessary to conduct business […]

How To Fix Your Credit Overnight: Avoid Being Scammed With Overnight Credit Boost Schemes

Are you having trouble with your low FICO score and have you been searching online for information on how to fix your credit overnight? If you have, you should know that 24-hour credit repair is not possible and is one of the biggest scams within this industry. How do you ask? Well, this article will […]

The IRS Trust Fund Recovery Penalty: What Happens If You Don’t Pay Those 941s?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. A good business can also go through difficult times. Often when a corporation runs into financial trouble, the IRS becomes an unwitting lender. This happens when payroll taxes collected from employees or excise taxes collected from customers are not sent to the IRS, but are kept for current […]

File for bankruptcy? You need to know about bankruptcy exemptions

In today’s economy, many Americans file for bankruptcy as a way to get out of debt while protecting their assets. When bankruptcy was created, Congress wanted to make sure that the person filing for bankruptcy had a fresh start. With this in mind, they felt that the only way the debtor could really start over […]

Amway review: the pros and cons of running an Amway business

Amway review Before I get into this Amway review, let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Biel and I have been involved in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. My summer vacations were spent at network marketing conventions as a child and my parents have been involved with over 20 different companies. […]

Financial approval can be a moving target

Equipment financing in all markets is always a slightly shifting goal. Strict credit rules are constantly changing because underwriters and credit teams are under pressure to make the right decision; their jobs depend on it. The restriction at one extreme for lenders is to minimize bad debts by avoiding financing clients who end up in […]

Can I Get Student Loan Forgiveness In Bankruptcy?

One of the most frequently asked questions of me as a bankruptcy attorney is, can I cancel my student school loans in bankruptcy? Most bankruptcy attorneys will tell you that it is not possible, but this is simply not true. The process to pay off the debt associated with your education is not a simple […]

Chris-Craft – A Brief History of the Classic Boat Builder from 1930 to Present

Chris-Craft boats have their roots in 1874 when 13-year-old Christopher Columbus Smith built his first wooden duck hunting boat. By 1930 Chris-Craft had become the largest mahogany boat builder in the world. This second part of the short history of the classic shipbuilder covers the period from 1930 to the present. The Great Depression of […]