Why is Kenya so expensive for tourists?

There seems to be a common misperception that Africa should be a cheap holiday destination, and many are surprised when presented with a quote for their safari. This article investigates the reasons why Kenya is expensive for travelers and offers some tips on how to cut your costs and still enjoy your safari. For decades, […]

4 Tips to Help You Hire the Best Towing Services

In the United States, there is a lot of demand for towing services. In recent years, this industry has experienced growth of around 5%. The size of this market exceeds 7 billion dollars. Although there are many reasons for this growth, one of the most common reasons is that this service is useful and versatile. […]

Experiences that are sweeter than sex and pornography

Getting released after days, weeks, months, or years of imprisonment: If you think freedom is cheap and unimportant, reconsider. Some prisoners can pay anything to get out of detention centers. When you are locked up, your highest priority is freedom and the taste for sex dies naturally. Maybe, the prisoner’s prison sentence is seven years […]

Izu Hokkawa Onsen Bousui: another place in Japan that brings you much closer to heaven

Japanese inns (Ryokan) are the destination! My first experience at Bousui was barely 5 years ago and then my second was last month. In 2006, I was a newbie exploring Hokkawa hot spring district, 2014 was my second visit as a devoted fan of hot spring perfection and I wanted to share this haven with […]

Ford F150 lights: what you need to know

It’s a simple fact of life: accidents happen. And when you have something as fragile as a headlight mounted to the front of your vehicle, they’re at the mercy of flying rocks, protruding objects, and careless drivers. The odds of something not happening are not in your favor. Fortunately, Ford F150 headlights are easily replaced […]

New Labor goes crazy for consultancy

When Labor was in opposition, they criticized the ruling Conservative government for spending up to £500m a year on management consultants and IT systems. This was, they thundered, “a shameful waste of taxpayer money, money that should be spent on frontline services like hospitals and schools” rather than handed over to a few already wealthy […]