How Do Component Shortages Impact Printing Circuit Board Schedules?

Shortages Impact Printing Circuit Board Schedules For manufacturers of products that require printing circuit boards (PCBs), the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine conflict have wreaked havoc with raw materials and components. In many cases, the supply of these parts has plummeted to the point that production is impacted and companies are running behind schedule due […]

how to become a print pcb board?

become a print pcb board Becoming proficient in print PCB board design and manufacturing involves a combination of education, training, practical experience, and continuous learning. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to embark on a career in print PCB board: Education: Start by obtaining a formal education in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or a related […]

How Do You Calculate the Characteristic Impedance of a PCB Assy Trace?

Calculate the Characteristic Impedance of a PCB Assy Trace During the design of a PCB, it is important to take into consideration the impedance of each trace. This is because a trace’s characteristic impedance can influence the overall performance of the circuit board. Impedance is the opposition to time-varying electric current and can be calculated […]

What Does PCBA Stand For?

PCBA Stand PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. It is a crucial part of every modern electronic device and box build, from smartphones to spacecraft. It is responsible for mechanically supporting and electrically connecting all the components, making it possible for them to work properly. However, the process of manufacturing a PCBA is extremely […]

Can high density interconnect be used in flexible touch controls?

high density interconnect be used in flexible touch controls High density interconnect is a technology that allows for a greater number of pins to be placed on a printed circuit board (PCB) in a smaller space. This allows for faster signal transmission and improved device performance. It also reduces the weight and size of the […]

What Industries Benefit Most From Rogers 4350?

Industries Benefit Most From Rogers 4350 The choice of PCB material is pivotal in ensuring that a circuit design delivers high-performance and reliable performance. The wrong choice can increase loss, degrade signal integrity and reduce life expectancy of the circuit board. The best choice will deliver the lowest possible cost and enhance reliability by reducing […]

What Are the Lead Times for Manufacturing RF Circuits?

Lead Times for Manufacturing RF Circuits RF circuits are electronic components that operate at radio frequencies, typically between 10 kHz and 100 GHz. They are used for the transmission and processing of signals in a variety of systems, including mobile communication devices like phones, wifi routers, and wireless microphones. In addition, RF circuits are used […]

Key Components of Megtron6 PCBs

Megtron6 PCBs Modern-day PCBs require high-performance dielectric materials that help minimize transmission loss. These materials also need to have low dissipation factors, which prevent electrical power from being lost during operation. Megtron6 laminates have both of these qualities, allowing them to deliver outstanding performance in high-speed applications. They also have the ability to withstand high […]

How Durable Are Flex PCB Assembly Compared To Rigid Ones?

Flex PCB Assembly Compared To Rigid Ones One of the first questions many project teams face when launching an electronics design is whether to use a rigid PCB, a flex circuit, or a rigid-flex PCB. This decision must align with specific project requirements and environmental conditions, as well as budget concerns. Understanding the distinctions between […]

What are the typical failure rates for quick turn PCBs?

typical failure rates for quick turn PCBs In a world where technological innovation happens at breakneck speeds, the ability to quickly iterate designs and test prototypes is no longer just a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity in sectors like electronics, aerospace, and automotive. Yet accelerating the PCB prototyping process can come with a variety of […]