Direct TV Tivo equals commitment

Do you have your own satellite TV system and do you subscribe to Directv (also known as Direct TV)? Then consider upgrading to a Directv Tivo system. Tivo is a type of digital video recorder that allows you to record one thing while watching another. So ladies, if your man wants to watch the game at the same time as his favorite TV show, you can record his show while he watches the game. Or make him suffer by playing the game.

When you have Direct TV satellite, you have many options to choose from, including Direct TV Tivo. As mentioned above, Directv Tivo records one show while you watch another. Well, other digital recording devices do that too and have for a while. Direct TV Tivo is a bit special. You can record two different shows at the same time!

When a customer first gets their TV satellite dish through Directv, they decline the Directv Tivo option. However, after a few months of making all the great shows that they miss out on due to the plethora of programming options through Direct TV, they decide to go the Tivo route after all. People tend to get attached to certain TV shows and when they start to conflict, the agony haunts deciding which show to watch!

Your Direct TV Tivo is also easy to set up and schedule. Just open your Directv program guide on your TV screen and choose the TV shows you want to record. And voila! Soon you will have a digital recording of your favorite shows. The great thing about this Tivo is that you can program your equipment to record an entire season of shows! No more worrying about trying to remember to set up your Direct TV Tivo every week.

Another advantage of the Tivo is that, unlike a VCR, you don’t have to fiddle with buttons trying to set the time and date. You also don’t have to worry about recording gray static or the VCR tape getting stuck in the machine. Then there’s that annoying double check to make sure you have the TV on the correct channel and that the VCR is set up correctly too.

Direct TV competitor Dish Network has digital video recorders available, but they can only record one program, unlike the Directv Tivo option. So if you don’t already have a satellite dish and satellite receiver, consider the Tivo option before you decide which satellite TV service you want to purchase. Directv Tivo may be just the ticket to make your decision.

The kids want to watch one thing, while mom and dad also disagree on what to watch. Direct TV Tivo equals commitment in many homes. You could say that he is a great peacemaker. Now all you have to do is decide who has the remote control!

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