DIY Tuscan home decor

When your home is crying out for a makeover, sometimes a fresh coat of paint just isn’t enough to add some zest to the space. You can do more and revitalize your home with the calm, homey atmosphere of a Tuscan-inspired interior. Forget the bland and drab, the millennial aesthetic is the perfect style for any homebound soul to dive into this year.

Imagine rolling hills stretching far away against steep-peaked bluish mountains, and just before the mountainous horizon are lush evergreens and olive trees culminating in patches that expose the tanned land between them.

Aside from the earth tones inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, the views here are decorative ideas to transform your home into a modern Tuscan-inspired home.

Bare floors with wood or travertine materials. The beautiful rustic floors are enough to show off in a Tuscan interior, as the solid wood floors and colorful travertine or terra cotta tiles are wonderfully eye-catching on their own.

However, there are traditional Tuscan or Moroccan rugs that you can add if you’re not ready to tear off those simple ceramic tiles. Tuscan rugs generally come in floral or vine designs with warm colors from ivory to brown of interesting geometric patterns.

Windows without curtains. It’s not just the floors that are bare when it comes to traditional styling, as it leaves the windows free of heavy curtains.

You can still add privacy curtains with Tuscan stripes or floral designs. Remember that these patterns can appear heavy and the colors can range from red, green, apricot, and gold. This window treatment works well on white or beige walls.

Processed and aged metals. Integrate metallic elements into your home, such as adding a large aged metal clock or an antique metal headboard. If you have a bare wall, you can fill the void with a beautiful metal decorative art frame. You can choose several wrought iron doors or windows and place them beautifully against a beige or gold wall.

If you want to add visual elements to your walls, just like in Tuscan interiors, you can install textured or 3D tiles on your wall that simulate the look of cobblestones or bricks. But if you’re doing an extensive renovation, plastered surfaces are great for mimicking the look of weathered stone.

Handmade furniture. Traditional Tuscan interiors are loaded with elaborate dark wood furniture, but for a more streamlined look, you can opt for black wrought iron chairs. The contrast of color and material against the existing floor and textured walls will look absolutely stunning. Don’t forget to use a minimum of 2 shades of color on your metallic elements to create a cohesive look. Tuscan-inspired furniture such as stools and chairs.

Warm lighting and Vintage fixtures. Combine your lighting options with interesting vintage luminaires. One of my favorites is hanging bowl pendants made of glass suspended in decorative wrought iron pendants. For a more contemporary version, multi-colored glass pendant lampshades can be a striking centerpiece in your dining area.

Add antique brass oil lamps above fireplaces, buffet bars, or on a niche wall to add character and interest to your interior.

Trompe l’oeil decoration. Do you have room for more? You can add interesting masterpieces like wall paintings to your walls with traditional Trompe-l’œil artwork. There are screen dividers with Trompe-l’œil paintings that can be an interesting backdrop or display for your home work setup and give a true impression of Tuscan architecture.

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