Faithful workers in the house

Moses was a good servant. He did what God told him to do. Yes, sometimes he lost the plot a bit, but he served God with everything in him. He left his life as a shepherd the day he met God at the burning bush. He gave up all his dreams of having his own farm to go fulfill God’s instructions.

He was called as a builder in the house of God with a special mission: Go and lead my people from slavery to the promised land. Moses built the house brick by brick, until finally it was finished and the Israelites were able to live in peace and happiness in Canaan.

5Moses did a good job in the house of God, but it was all servant work, preparing things for what was to come.

How nice it would be to see our names in God’s Book like this too: Sannie was like a faithful worker in God’s house; Jannie was like a faithful worker in the house of God; Gerjo Ben was like a faithful worker in the house of God…

But Moses was not only a builder and worker in the house of God. He also served in the world too. He served the Israelites by working to the bone for them. Sometimes they gave him a hard time. The Israelites complained a lot and threatened to return to that terrible life of slavery, but then Moses held his tongue and set them up and encouraged them to go on. He repeatedly encouraged them to look to God, making the dream and vision shine again with strength and freshness.

Moses got the stamp of approval for his work as a servant of God. He received the same award as serving in the world.

In the same way we have two different assignments in our lives today. God gave gifts to each of us. Those things that we enjoy doing, things that don’t feel like working and give you so much energy.

We need to use these gifts in the world and not necessarily somewhere far from home. Right there, at home, at work, among our friends. That is where God wants to use you to make a difference.

You may have to feed him. Maybe you have to give time. Maybe you have to give your hands. Maybe part of your wallet. There are a multitude of places where we can work in God’s new world. We just have to get up from the couch in front of the TV and start doing.

When we begin to do, we must do what Moses did and make the people look up to see God. The world has blinded people to God. People don’t even know who God is. They do not know the Savior, Jesus Christ. Because people think they don’t need God. They have everything under control, until a small virus like COVID-19 appears and locks everyone in their houses. Only then do they realize how powerless they are.

It is our responsibility to point the people of the world in the direction of God. Let’s lead by example and do it. So that one day it will be written: Sannie or Jannie was like a faithful worker in the house of God.

Holy Scripture
Hebrews 3:1-6

How are you working with your gifts?
What else can you do?
Where can you talk about it?

Lord, You are the Almighty, Savior God. You are the answer for all people. For that I glorify you. Please help me to work with you in the world. Please help me speak up and show people the way to You. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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